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16mm film; 402 ft.; Sound; Color
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4) nhf-1108_0054a 24fps HD Reel 54 PARTIAL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 054
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1936 – 1940
Can Descriptions
Reel 54: Archie Stewart can notes: Sound. Mary sings Solveig's song. Poorer odds & ends. Xmas tree. AES, TWS. Roy & Sadie. Grandpa & Ma Barnes. Otto, Ann & Geo. Brown. Harold Holmes. Mary plays piano, April 3, 1937. Ann ditto. First sound reel made without studio batteries.
Viewing Notes
SOUND Screening notes: CU on Mary singing (room lighting cast shadow on face). Grandma Stewart writing on lap in front of Christmas tree. Archie narration 'Grandma Stewart's birthday but making the check out to me...' Followed by others posed singly in front of same tree. Narration excerpts: 'Aunt Sadie Curtis making out check for autogyro, $500...Grandma Barnes just had 50th wedding anniversary...Grandpa Barnes...' Archie's father smoking cigar. Archie. Dog lying in armchair [Patsey, Gordon Setter]. Grandpa Warden decorating tree. Uncle Roy stroking dog. Sledding down driveway at Brookside. Aunt Sadie reading story to Ann and Mary. Snowy day in March 1936. Kids and dogs in snow. WS of snowclad Newburgh, NY, and Hudson River under ice. Ice boat sailing on river (sun flare, NG). George Brown, Anne Brown and "Brownie" dog standing on cleared sidewalk, March 1, 1936. Two men and girl seated in living room talking about the snow, doctors. Gang of girls seated on garden bench eating sandwiches on sunny day. Squirming, giggling, play acting, Ann's gang. Experiments with telescopic lens and filters: WS of Newburgh and Hudson. Little girl reading comics cross legged on floor. Puffy clouds. Archie on Brookside Pond shore (boom for microphone visible). Decoration Day, 1936. Ten years of shooting motion pictures. (Faded color) Harold Holmes, holding baby, poses with two women in doorway (solar flare). Mary at piano shot from behind, fingering visible (waltz) Side view (slower classical piece). Ann plays piano (no sound).

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