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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
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3) 1488.0010_INSP3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 010
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1930 – 1932
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 10. 'Steamer Belfast, Papa Rawley, 1930. Steamer Cornish, Papa Rawley, 1932. Reg at Camp Roosevelt, 1931, 200 ft.' Steamers are Boston boat, Eastern Steamship Lines.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloger's notes for Reel 10: Intertitles: '1930. Steamer Belfast & Papa Rawley. 1932. Steamer Cornish & Papa Rawley. 1931. Reg at Camp Roosevelt.' Boy and large dog on walkway. (20:03) Boy on tricycle holds dog on leash. Little girl sitting on top step of home holds dog on leash. She rises, strokes German shepherd dog. Side view of steamboat. Emits steam from bow. People on the decks. Upper deck shown. Captain appears, raises hands. He points. Group of workmen drag cable. Car is on end of cable. View of harbor, other boats, pier. Man walks up gangplank, onto steamboat. Side view of deck, lifeboat attached. Captain, older and younger boy walk down deck. Captain talks. Another man joins the three. Captain, young boy and another officer who emerges from behind door. (23:02) One of the officers salutes. Captain waves. The four walk down small plank. Side view of captain on upper deck. View of steamboat with smokestacks. Lettering on side of steamboat: 'Eastern Steamship Lines. Belfast.' Steamboat departs. Pan. water surface, gulls flying. Mountains in background. Large man walks with boy. Man smokes cigarette. Ship's officer, man, boy on deck. Officer walks forward, gives boy treat. Man hugs boy. Boy ascends small pair of steps to join officer at top. Officer at station on top deck of steamboat. (26:00) Top deck of steamboat. Officers moving about. Stern of steamboat. Smokestack, top deck, attached ladder. Man waves hat in doorway. Pan. deck, officers working. Pan. steamboat. Prow of steamboat. Propeller creating wake. Steamboat on water, gulls flying. Steamboat turning around. Woman, man. Shot a bit overexposed. Candle, birthday cake on table. Woman sits before it. Man at table. Boy drinks from cup. Photography has not yet cleared up. Film perhaps shot by candlelight. Two women walking down path in wood. (Normal photography has resumed.) (29:01) Boy walking down same path. Two women, man, boy outside large tent. Woman removes boy from small ladder. Boy in trunks stands at top of ladder. Woman hands two children a treat. Two boys and girl standing near tent. Boy takes girl by hand. Older man in business suit joins the children. Boys run down path. Woman follows. Grove of birch trees adjacent to lake. Boys proceed down path. Other boys join these. One has towel. Boys arrive at pier. Two, holding hands, swim. They swim forward. Other boys watch from pier. Boy dives from board. Other boys dive. Group shot swimmers, waders, boys waiting on pier. (32:02) Boy standing near birch tree squeezes object in hand. Cabin-like wooden building. Long roof supported by wooden columns. American flag. Group of Boy Scouts near wooden building. Counselor with paper in hand presents the paper to older scout at left of group. Scout group disperses single file. They walk forward in twos. Three men and a woman walking down path in woods. Two large tents. Man and woman walk in area. Man carrying newspaper joins them. Group of boys, clad for swimming, walk past. Older Boy Scout, swinging long rope appears. Scout and older man shake hands. Boy Scout astride horse. Horse goes through paces. Two other scouts astride horses appear. Older Scout counselor talks to men clad in business suits. Scout appears on foot, leading horse by rein. Counselor with woman. Boy Scout expertly swinging lariat. (35:05) Two Boy Scouts pat horse. One leads horse by rein. Grove of birch trees, lake surface. Group of boys running clad for swimming. Three adults. Boy, 13 or 14. Scout playing bugle while group of scouts march forward. Two scouts salute each other. Flag being raised up pole. Entire company of scouts salute the American flag. Flag is lowered. Scouts disperse. (End of Reel 10)
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