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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1488.0004_VHS
3) 1488.0004_INSP3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 004
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 4. 'Sandra and Polly swimming, July 1949. Sandra and Polly, 1951. Moosehead Lake, 1951. Chas. Jr., Susan and Uncle George, Aug 1951. Gaspe trip, Sept. 1951. Sandra and Polly, 1951. Snow 1952, Chas. Jr., Susan and Tommy. Sandra, Polly and Chas. Jr., Easter 1952. Daddy and 5 and 3/4 lb. square tail, 1952. Boat at Moosehead, July 5, 1952.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 4, 10/13/1998 JS: (48:04) Two little girls in bathing suits playing in water at edge of beach. Woman has girl on each hand. The three are wading. One girl dabbles about in water. Still held by their hands, the girls wade into water up to their necks. Girls skip as they wade back to shore. Crouched down, the girls play in shoreline water. They lie down together in water. One little girl rises from water after lying in it on her back. Smiling, she walks back to shore. Two girls lie on backs in water. Girl does somersault in water. One of the girls crawl. One rises, does short dance. One girl skips around, sits down in water. Little girl runs in water. Other does same. (50:01) Two identically dressed little girls stand in front yard near shrubbery. One rubs her stomach. Both identically dressed. Sister wiggles a bit. Another spreads back of coat. Other sister skips along. Does a dance. Dance continues as sister watches. Ends dance with a curtsey. (51:08) Lake surface. Horizon with clouds. Mountain side. POV boat ride. Shoreline trees. Boat on lake. Copiously-treed mountain side extending into lake. Wire of boat visible in upper part of shot. Lake surface. Horizon. Mountain side. P.O.V. boat ride. (52:24) Car parked outside of home. People by car. Little boy dressed as cowboy. Shot a bit shadowy. Little boy runs forward. Pulls brim of wide hat. Little boy joins woman and man sitting in yard. Woman adjusts little boy's hat. He walks along holding brim of hat. Woman smiles. Boy and elderly man walk hand in hand. They pause by shrubbery. Little boy has something very small in hand. He hurls it to ground as elderly man takes him by hand. The two walk slowly. Little boy touches upper part of his head with hands. Elderly man takes little boy by hand, shakes it vigorously. Man points while still holding boy by hand. Boy runs over to woman. He sits in small child's chair. Woman hands him drink. He sips drink heartily, sets it on chair arm. He rises, but returns to chair and resumes drinking. Toddler girl joins him, stands at chair arm. Woman touches toddler who begins to cry. Toddler cries while sitting on little boy's lap. Two women and toddler girl sitting outside. Silhouette of quick passerby. Little boy sits on woman's lap. He touches side of girl's face. (55:25) Man crouches down. He is trying to teach little boy, still in cowboy regalia, how to shoot a toy pistol. Man pushes brim of boy's hat up. Two women. One holds standing toddler girl on her leg, rocks her back and forth. Woman holds girl in her arms. Little boy pedals tricycle on lawn and near house. Man holds toddler girl in his arms. One holding each hand, man and woman walk toddler girl in yard. She smiles as they raise her off ground, still allowing her to walk. Little boy on tricycle. He hugs toddler girl. Girl grasps handlebar of trike. She sits down and woman picks her up. Boy continues to ride trike which is on wooden platform. Shrubbery secured with string. Water surface. Raised, jutting boulders. Cliff-like aspect. Beach. Shoreline buildings. Boat. Items on beach near shoreline. Pleasure craft on water. Water surface in motion. Cliff extending into water. Horizon. Hill. Shoreline buildings. Water surface in motion as viewed from deck of cruiser. Cruiser flag visible. (58:01) POV cruiser ride. Mountain side. Water surface. We increase speed of pov cruiser ride. Closer view of rocky cliff. More cliff footage with gulls flying over. Back of cliffs as viewed from deck of cruiser. Wooden column, side of cruiser visible in shot. Water surface in motion. Cliff. (59:46) Girl pedalling bicycle with training wheels. Younger girl on tricycle follows her. They stop and dismount from their vehicles. Older girl runs. Dog joins the two girls. Little girl walks. Older girls pats dog. Little girl falls down. She rises. She tries to sit on dog. Dog runs away. Girls resume riding vehicles. They dismount, stand together clapping hands. Dog joins the two. Older girl hugs dog. Dog wags tail. Older girl shakes dog's paw. Dog yawns. Younger girl stands in back of the two. Dog paws older girl. She shakes dog's paw. The girls ride their vehicles. (01:18) Snow scene. Banks of snow outside of home. Car motors into driveway. Little boy in snowsuit. He waves as he ascends steps of home. He smiles and says a few words. Carrying container, man ascends steps. Boy walks on snow in yard. Smiles. Snow piled high in yard. Boy waves upon ascending steps. Snowbank obscures lower part of home exterior. Car parked in yard. Two boys hold hands of toddler girl. Car goes down street. Three are in snowy yard. Girl vigorously waves hand. Little boy shovels snow. Toddler girl smiles. The three sitting in snow. (02:48) Spring. Dressed in Easter finery, two little girls and toddler boy stand in yard. Girls have little boy by hand. Closer view of the three. Boy nods head. They are at side of car. They walk hand in hand. Two women descend steps. Man carrying fishnet and caught fish walks in yard. He holds both aloft. Breeze blows foliage in yard. (03:46) Motorboat traverses lake surface. Horizon, mountainside in background. Man waves. Woman in bow of boat. Wharf. Trees adjacent. Fishing rod bending over water. Water surface. Horizon with clouds. Mountain side. Distant boat. Line extended above boat. (05:28) Middle-aged couple in boat. Woman adjusts neckerchief. She smiles, talks while doing so. Man wears dark glasses. (End Reel 4)
Children, Family, Holidays
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