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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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3/4inch-video; 57 min; Unknown
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[Birch Rock camp footage] Reel 33
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage primarily of camp activities at Birch Rock Camp. (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 33: MS of group of boys. One is drinking from kind of a makeshift fountain. The other boys are standing in line for a drink. 22:02. Quick shots of individual boys drinking. MS of two boys crouched down holding rifles. They are on a wooden platform raised slightly off of the ground. Man walks behind boys and platform. Medium rear shot of group of young men walking off into woods. Front shot of same group of young men running. Pan of lake surface with shoreline evergreen trees, two sailboats skimming the surface. 23:06. MS of two boys and adult man on edge of wooden platform at water's edge. Boy on right is manipulating a rope which he has cast into the water. LS of wooden platform at water's edge. Two young men dressed for swimming are on the platform. Pan of lake surface. LS of two young men on the platform. 24:01. Other young men have been swimming in the water adjacent to platform. Pan of lake surface with two sailboats on it. Quick shot of wooden platform. MS of lake surface as seen from shore. Tree in left foreground of shot. MS of boys emerging from cabin, already for a swim. Boy-parade continues with smiles and waves at the camera. MS of several boys within the cabin. MS of boys entering the water by means of a stepladder propped up on wooden platform at edge of water. 25:01. One by one, the boys enter the water. One wades, while another commences swimming. Quick CUs of a parade of boys already for a swim. They smile, wave at the camera. MS of boys on the wooden platform near water's edge. One young man ascends raised platform on the main platform. Another young man dives into the water while a canoe with several young men in it floats by. MS of group of young men gathered about wooden table protected by tent roof. Young man waves while others walk about. MS of young men gathered about a car.Adult man removes small box from car.Boys walk around. 26:03. Track shot of group of adults assembled outside. Most sit on wooden benches. A few stand. A campfire is ablaze in front. Slow track shot of adult group. MS of two adult men in front of group. These men are behind a gate or fencelike structure. 27:02. MS of two men on shore of lake. Pan of lake surface which is tranquil,an azure-aqua blue. MS of man fishing on shore of lake. Track shot of copious evergreens, tall-grassed field. Pan to the right, coming to the surface of the lake. Two boys fish from shore. Quick pan of lake surface, shoreline evergreens. MS of three young men sitting on shore of lake. Boy on left has a fishing line. Slow track shot reveals a group of young men and two adult men sitting on shore. They turn toward camera and smile. 28:05. Track shot of group veers to the left. MS of grove of trees in wood. These trees are sparsely leafed. Shot tracks to the left. Tarpaulin covers large object on ground. Shot tracks to the right where a few people are assembled under a structure made of tree limbs with a loosely-constructed wooden roof. LS of boys swimming, sporting in lake. Some use inner tubes to float along. One has trunk of tree for vehicle. 29:02. MS of the primitive wooden roof and structure composed of tree limbs. Washing hung out to dry on clothesline in front of structure. Track shot of tent area with items piled up outside and washing hung out. MS of canoes moored to shore. MS of group of boys gathered just beyond first canoe. One is already in canoe and others are on shore. MS of canoes manned by boys entering lake surface. Canoes drift along in leisurely manner. One young man lays back with hands behind his head. 30:03. Track shot of fleet of canoes. MS of canoes on lake. One young man gestures prolifically. MS of group of boys gathered on raised wooden platform just a little way from shore. Some boys talk amongst themselves while others walk about. Quick shot of boy sitting on shore.MS of group of boys gathered outside. Man is talking or lecturing to the group. Track shot of group. MS of group of boys attired for a swim. They sit crosslegged on a wooden platform. MSof adult man,teacher or counselor. Bare-chested, he stands by tree. Shot tracks down to group of boys at his feet. One lad stands, swinging his arms. MS of several young men gathered at shore of lake. In his trunks, adult man is standing in canoe moored to shore. 31:00. Boy passes box to man in canoe. MS of young man standing in shadows. Better lighting reveals that he wears a momogrammed camp undershirt and shorts. He smiles, touches chin with hand. MS of a group of young men leaning,sitting on rail of wooden platform at edge of lake. A woman stands at far left. She's casually dressed. LS of small wooden platform in middle of lake. Young men are at top of raised dais on platform. Some walk on platform. Some are swimming in lake while two are in a canoe. LS holds while some young men dive into lake from platform. MS of two young men using narrow lengths of rubber for rafts. MS of young man standing at edge of lake. He wades into lake. Some of his buddies swim. Others float along on rubber rafts. 32:00. LS of platform, boys swimming, two in canoe,almost identical to previous shot of water-platform activities. MS of two young boys on their rubber rafts. Pals,thet put their hands on each other's rafts and touch each other on shoulders. MS of two young men holding their rafts in an inverted position. Underside of rafts are reflective. They place rafts back on lake and float along. MS of young man wading in water. He places his raft on the water. CU of two young men smiling. Friends swim in lake behind them. MS of older young man, in his teens,standing in water. He places a transparent diver's mask over eyes and mouth. He waves at camera. CU of boy, toweling himself dry. MS of older man, late 30's or early 40's walking past trees. He's dressed in boxer-type swim trunks. MS of his pal, about the same age, following right behind. This man wears white boxer swim trunks. 33:00. This gent reaches down and rescues white paper which has been lying on ground. CU of boy kneeling on wooden platform on shoreline of lake. Tangled rope lies on platform. MS of boy wading in lake. He grasps his nose as pal swims up behind him.Quick rear shot of man seated on railing of wooden platform, casually-dressed woman at his right. LS of two boys swimming in lake. Circled around them are scroll-looking white objects attached to string. MS of young man ascending ladder attached to wooden platform. He's just emerged from a swim. He walks forward, smiles. Delightful CU of young man facing camera as he lies on wooden platform. Black and white spaniel nestles against his chest.Dog peers into camera. Rare sincere charm and goodness! MS of three boys in their swim trunks. One makes a face at the camera. MS of two young men, ascending wooden ladder in succession. They are on wooden platform. Quick track shots of these lads and another. 34:00. More boys ascend ladder, walk on platform. CU of brunette young lad. LS of boys swimming in lake. One swims backward, backstrokes. Other boys splash water, continue swimming. Track shot of long canoe inverted in grove of birch trees. Rear shot of young man walking up hill. MS of another young man. He wears cap and long-sleeved camp shirt. Track shot of group of young men sitting on upended tree trunk. 35:06. MS of two boys in front of wooden board, sort of a makeshift table. One is working on object on table. Rear shot of young man crouching on ground. He picks something up from soil and sniffs it. He commences eating it. MS of older man, 50's, perhaps. He walks forward. Profile shot of this gent pouring water from teakettle into larger container. 36:04. Pan shot of trees with mountain side in immediate distance. Shot tracks to the right for extended view of trees,mountain side. MS of group of young boys standing in field. Back to an adult man stands before them. They turn to face camera. As group walks forward, shot tracks upward to trees,mountain side. Quick pan of lake surface. LS of road adjacent to lake. A car is going down this road. 37:03.MS of group of people gathered outside. This is a flag-raising. Shot tracks upward to correspond with the raising of the American flag. Group shot of boys 'pledging allegiance' to the flag. Track shot of entire group, including administrators and counselors. MS of man inspecting group for clean hands. Black and white spaniel in left foreground of shot wags tail. CU of young girl. She crosses her hands,grasps nose,clowns for the camera. CU of boy on beach. He has small object in hand, wooden toy boat which perhaps he made. LS of group of boys swimming in lake. They swim forward. 38:00. MS of three boys, one behind the other, single file style, swimming. (End of reel.)
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