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3/4inch-video; 42 min.; Sound; b&w
4) nhf-1491_BHSWABI Ed Pilot Ads.mov
[NHF compilation: TV commercials]
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Can Descriptions
1988 NHF compilation tape of news stories from BHS/WABI Collection. The tape contains: Political commercials: AD-1: cat.no.1007-01, July 1958, 20 sec. sound, Hildreth for Governor Commercial, Rocket with voice-over narration (selected from three in campaign). AD-2: cat.no.0006-01, 1962, 5 min. sound, Governor John Reed Re-election Commercial: Highway Safety, (Selected from five 5-minute commercials in campaign. Other topics avaialble are economic growth, education, vacationland promotion and industrial growth.) AD-3: cat.no.1031-11, January 22, 1964, 90 sec. sound, Edmund Muskie announces candidacy for reelection. AD-4: cat.no.1039-03, August 27, 1964, 5:40 min. sound, Jim Goff, WABI-TV, on station's policy regarding political ads and fairness. Consumer products (domestic): AD-5: cat.no.0060-07, 1963, 1 min. sound, Homemaker Beans, Man at podium declaims against watery beans. protest signs are used. AD-6: cat.no.0065-09, 1963?, 1 min. sound, Fairview Wine. AD-7: cat.no.0018-21, 30 sec. sound, Country Kitchen Bread -- tenderness test. AD-8: cat.no.0060-11, 1 min. sound, Nissen's English Muffins. AD-9: cat.no.0059-14, 1962, 1 min. sound, Nissen Buttermilk Biscuits. AD-10: cat.no.0059-15, 1962, 1 min. sound, Holsum Gold 'N' Round Bread. AD-11: cat.no.0060-01, 1962, 1 min. sound, Dane-T-Bits Sugar Cookies. AD-12: cat.no.0001-02, April 19, 1955, 5 min. sound, Gadget Master, Demonstration of five implements by a man in a kitchen. Consumer products (automotive): AD-13: cat.no.0059-12, 1962, 1 min., Renault -- New push button transmission. AD-14: cat.no.0023-07, July 1961, 1 min. AD-15: cat.no.0060-10, February 12, 1964, 2 min. silent, Hus-Ski -- Snow Sled Early snowmobile vehicle. Rail services: AD-16: cat.no.1009-06, May 17, 1961, 1 min. sound, Bangor & Aroostook Railroad -- Pre-iced cars, Views of train car, with men loading ice into it. Song about service provided to potato shippers until July 15. AD-17: cat.no.1009-05, March 1961, 1 min. sound, Bangor & Aroostook Railroad -- Pick-up and delivery, An ad describing the railroads free pick-up and delivery service. AD-18: cat.no.1009-07, February 1961, 1 min. sound, Bangor & Aroostook -- Round-trip tickets, Bus service, first of two ads offering round-trip tickets to passengers. Various Maine retailers: AD-19: cat.no.0001-01, March 14, 1956, 1 min. sound, Emory Brown Co., Waterville, Clothing commercial for women's blouses. AD-20: cat.no.0020-03, April 8, 1959, 1 min. silent, John Paul Co., Bangor, Clothing commercials for men's dress clothes, four 15-second ads. AD-21: cat.no.0060-04, 1962, 1 min. sound, 1962, W.T. Grants -- Toyland. AD-22: cat.no.0065-03, January 1963, 30 sec. sound, Freeses -- Gold Bond Stamps Petroleum products: AD-23: cat.no.1011-02, December 14, 1961, 8 min. sound, Dead River, Four ads featuring Presque Isle, Van Buren, origin of Dead River Company and recent history of Dead River. Financial institutions: AD-24: cat.no.0018-17, March 24, 1961, 30 sec. sound, Beacon Finance.
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