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1) 1383.0012_F8
8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1383.0012_VHS
3) 1383.0012_IN3/4
4) nhf-1383_0012 29_97fps-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Earl Hodgkins--home movies] Reel 12
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1959 – 1960
Viewing Notes
Can notes: 'Popham Beach 1959. Beech Hill, summer and fall. Building snow fort-home 1959-1960. Billy--Ann sliding down rook. Cub scout--St. George Lake 1960. Popham Beach 1960. Dad Page--last picture 1960. Rough boat ride--Beech Hill 1960. Christmas parade 1960. Rocket with Santa. Girl scout overnight in orchard, May 1961. Beech Hill, summer 1961. Ann falling out of boat--test. Building bunk house 1961. Girl scout overnight at KSR October 1961.' // Popham Beach State Park. Family on beach. Boy and girl swimming, sitting on float in water, swimming with float. Person painting rustic, partially-finished cabin. Boy ties garbage bag. Man saws tree trunk with bow. Woman shovels snow, building a snow fort. Man shoveling snow. Boy enters partially-built snow fort. Boy and girl slide down hill on small toboggan. Family picnic with many people sitting in lawn chairs. Woman at grill. Two boys play tennis as woman watches from recliner. Girl eats toasted marshmallow. Man gives boy lifejacket. Parade. Policeman on motorcycle. Fire engine. Uniformed majorettes. Floats. Girls on camping trip (possibly Brownie or Girl Scout troop). Boy has joined the group. Tent. Group sits on ground as they eat from plates. Campfire. Pan and other dishes are washed in basin. Girls in their uniforms hike with backpacks. Family swimming at beach. Motorboat with surfer attached. Family working on roof of cabin. Two people row in submerged canoe. Surfer. Partially-completed camp/cabin. Tent being set up. Framework steadied as ropes are tied. Campfire. Area trees turning color. Family waves from big car/limousine.
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