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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 080
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1940 – 1946
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 80: Archie Stewart can notes: Mary-ah (Part 2). 1- Graduation. 2- 15th birthday. 3- Dance, 29 March 1940. 4- Wedding, 8 June 1946. 5- Tommy. 6- 3 graduations, NJH, NFA & Swarthmore. 7- 21st birthday at Dearborn. 8- Dinner party. 9- Marys group all in uniform. [Mary Stewart Hafer compilation reel]
Viewing Notes
Screening notes: MS teenage girl poses in garden wearing white graduation party dress. Bows in hair. MS and WS holding rolled diploma. (Faded color) WS Joined by younger sister to pose. WS Group shot: four young girls, two women and teenage graduate. WS of young girls looking at furled diploma. WS posing with family. Mother and two daughters posing beside parked car on city street. Woman and teenage girl wear fur coats; young girl carries stuffed teddy bear. MS outside house, teenage girl in gingham dress brought cake by mother. Putting candles on cake. Holds up lit cake and blows out candles. WS teenage couples in various fancy dress costumes, boys and girls walking by camera arm in arm. Costumes include Western hootenanny; Arab sheik, sailor, Chinese. VS of couples dancing in dark ballroom. Teenage girl standing beside piano, father approaches and hands jewelry box, girl opens. Mother brings girl bouquet. Girl sits on piano bench holding bouquet. Younger sister opens jewelry box and looks at (bracelet?). CU signs: Swarthmore named for Swarthmore Hall - England, Founded 1866. Rotary Club sign with symbol: Welcome to Swarthmore... Ingleneuk Tea House. Tilt up to top of turreted building. WS young woman in profile standing in front of stone wall. Group shot of young woman with mother and younger sister. VS of trio walking grounds of Swarthmore college campus: shot through arches, beside administration buildings; tilt down from (dormitory?) to young woman standing on stone walkway. Dedication stone embedded in walk: Magill Walk So called in memory of Edward Hicks Magill, President of Swarthmore College 1871 - 1890 Who planted these oaks in 1881. WS of two women walking on path lined with oak trees. MS Young woman standing with grandmother in front of hedge. WS, pan of group. Graduation: students in academic gowns parading through audience, under canopy of trees (dark). VS: graduates wearing mortarboards seated during ceremony, accepting diplomas. WS Three young women seated at card table in garden. WS Young woman tilts up cake to show design on top, cutting cake. MS of women eating cake. Father in tan uniform perches on stool and eats cake. VS of birthday girl posing in front of hedge, with sister, with flowering bush. MS of dinner party. Various MS of young people seated at table, young men in dark uniforms. Polished silver service on sideboard in BG. WS of wedding party posed in garden. Mary Stewart, bride, in white cocktail dress, Fred Hafer, groom, in tan (Army?) uniform. Parents and grandmother pose by door (dark). VS of attendees. B&W: Bride and groom being pelted by confetti leaving house, getting into car (nice). WS of people milling about (grainy). TS of mother holding robust baby, outside.
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