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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
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4) 1519.0031-.0033_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 033 (F3)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 33 (F3): [no can/reel notes; dc 1948] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 33. 34:27. Group of boys assembled outside of tent. They are talking. (Shot a bit shadowy.) (This reel commences in color.) Section of group. Boy raises arm. Tent in background. (Shadowy shot of another part of group.) (Photography now clears.) Group sitting in tent entrance. Three smiling boys. One scratches chest. Group of five. 35:47. Two boys playing table tennis. Boy at right misses, but catches ball in hand. 36:03. Middle-aged man points outward. He stands beside his surveying instrument. He looks downward into it. 36:18. Group of boys enter canoes moored on shore. One throws buddy a backpack. Another throws buddy a duffel bag. Boy dons backpack, but removes it and places it in canoe. They continue to load items into canoe. Group embarks on water surface. 36:41. Foliage. Cabin exterior. Boy swims. He climbs into canoe. Then he reenters water for swim. He inverts canoe and sinks it. Two boys in another canoe watch. Now, as it rises, he enters canoe again. He begins to row canoe. Water surface. Though it is almost full of water, he rows canoe. 37:57. Sitting in canoe, two boys invert one near them. They place it in the center of their canoe as boy swims nearby. They place canoe lengthwise in water. 38:23. Exterior of sloping-roofed cabin. Group of boys sitting before cabin. Man with book stands in front of group. 38:55. Two boys playing tennis. Rope serves as substitute net. 39:05. (Shadowy shot renders action indiscernable.) 39:19. (Photography improved.) Rigging of ship. Side ropes. Passengers at side of deck. Left-tracking silhouette pan. of passengers on deck. Rigging. Pan. tracks to right. Bare-chested man lowers sail. 40:02. Man raises sail. Rigging. Ascending sail. Boys on deck. Boy ascends out of water after taking swim. Other boys emerge from water after their swim. Water surface churns. 40:41. Various items on deck. Large milk can. Deck activity. 40:50. Sail is lowered. Deck activities. Boys dive into water from side of ship. Boys on deck. One puts fingers in his mouth. Man dives from side as ship sails. Sailboat with sails furled drifts by. Boy dives into water from rigging. Boys swimming in water. Two boys dive together from side of ship. Boy carries stack of packages. Two boys carry larger bundle of packages. Boys gather, assemble ropes on deck. Man drinks from cup. 42:19. Boy sitting on wooden promontory of deck. Sail, rigging moves slightly. Man, boys, man wearing captain's hat smokes pipe. Boys raise, move ropes. Sail ascends. Man raises arm. 43:08. Ascending sail. 43:18. Crew on deck. Some are resting. Some engaged in activities. Man on side thumbs through magazine. 43:13. Three young men whittling. Pan. of crew waving as they stand on side of deck. Water surface. Canoe or rowboat attached to lower bow of ship. 43:50. Boy throws cup of liquid into ocean. Crew on deck. Boy drinks from paper cup. Boys climb up on ropes of mast, rigging. Dive therefrom. Two boys stand on ropes of mast. They dive. 44:20. Boy on deck turns slatted circular object which is part of ship's machinery. Boys dive from side of ship. 44:41. Men on deck of ship. One laughs as buddy hands him a bottled 'Coke'. Former man laughs as he drinks his 'Coke'. Crew members. Boy eating. Other crew members eating. 45:00. Ship moves forward as crew tends to rigging. Wharf with ladder at side. Posts, pilings. Shore building. 45:22. Cabin exterior. Gazebo. Silhouette of adjacent trees. Platform in water surface. Silhouette frame of raised wooden structure. People within framework. Right-tracking scan of area. 46:01. Boy reads as buddy stands at side. They are at bottom of steps. Luggage, chest is on ground. Outside table. Boy with backpack. Duffel bags piled on table. Group of boys. One points. Boy hoses down large block of ice. Giant tongs raise it aloft. Boy pulls on rope at side in order to raise it. Other boy pushes on ice block. 47:06. Group of boys. (Shot is shadowy.) 47:20. Water surface. Boat. Trees of opposite shoreline. Other water craft. Posts, pilings of dock. 47:39. Foliage in wood. Trees. Tent. Pan. tracks to the left. Tents. Trees. Cabins. 48:07. Right-tracking pan. of area. Trees. Water surface. Bush. Foliage. Cabin. 48:54. Sailboats, canoes, varied watercrafts on lake. Sky with clouds. Two sailboats. Unoccupied canoe. 49:13. People at intervals and from different directions run down woodland path. Boys descend steps of cabin. Hurried activity. Boy pulls pajama trousers up. Boys in various states of undress; one with towel wrapped around torso, two in briefs. 49:38. Instructor in front, the boys are lead through aerobic or free-hand exercises. Right-tracking pan. of group exercising. Side view of group attempting to touch their toes. 50:07. Group disperses. Young man stands in lake. He pushes water aside with his hands. He washes his hand in the water. Buddy standing adjacent washes with cake of soap. 50:23.Boys on wharf. Some are swimming in lake. Boys use hockey sticks to pound contents of wooden box which is on the ground. 50:34. Cabin exterior. Woodland path. Boy crouched over gathering something from the ground. Man with clipboard walks along. Boy follows him. Cabin exterior. Man stands at corner. He walks away. 51:06. 51:14. Man chops with axe at block of wood. (Shot a bit shadowy.) He divides block of wood. Bare-chested boy does same. He continues task with vigor. Man and other boys continue axe-decimation of wood blocks. Silhouette photography as they continue task. 51:57. Blocks of wood lying on ground. Boys throw down and add to wood pile with completed blocks. Two boys still chop blocks. Task vigorously continued. 52:38. Group of boys stand side by side. Two still hold axes. Camera pans down to the piled blocks of wood. Wood is piled so high as to obscure all of the boy's physiques excepting their chests and heads. 52:49. Boy holds axe over shoulder. All smile happy at having completed their assigned task. Group disperses. 53:02. (Shadowy shot.) Wooden pointer ascends wall map. (Shadowy photography. Appears to be group of boys in vicinity of cabins.) 53:18.(Photography is now normal.) Exterior of brick building. Sign appended on front of building: 'Ellsworth'. 1950's parked van. Pickup trucks, cars. 53:51. Train station. People await train. Passenger train arrives. 54:01. (Shadowy shot. Appears to be people moving around.) Porter. Passengers descend from train. 54:19. Pickup truck with bed full of boys motors down woodland road. Dog. Another pickup, likewise boy-occupied follows. Third behind. The boys dismount. 54:37. Tent in woods. Another truck full of boys. (End of Reel 33.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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