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16mm film; 437 ft.; Silent; b&w
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4) 1108.0035_VHS
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DVD; Unknown
6) nhf-1108_0035a 18fps HD Reel 35 PARTIAL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 035
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1933 – 1934
Can notes for Reel 35: Winter 1933-34. Starts Xmas 1933. Grandpa the archer. Archie sleeping out. Kid's snow house. Willie Anderson. Kids at 350. Cameron's Packard. Nice. 1-Christmas. 2-Rob & Howard's visit. 3-Ski jumping. 4-Skating. 5-Crossing Hudson on ice.
Viewing Notes
NHF viewing notes for Reel 35: Silent, B&W. Grandfather Warden and Archie kneeling on carpeted floor setting up toy train set. Pan of pile of presents beside Christmas tree: 'Three Little Pigs Game', chalkboards on which woman writes 'Merry Christmas 1933'; 'Mammoth Flyer' toy wagon, Santa Claus doll, doll's bed, small rolltop desk beside piano. Mary and Ann Stewart at doorway, drop to their knees and peer at gifts. Unwrapping packages. Little girl sits in wagon and blows horn. TS Mother reads to Ann in her lap. Ann kneels in front of fireplace. Grandparents arrive. Grandfather tries bow, target wrapped around tree. Cute shots of George Gatter trying to shoot arrow while girl watches amused. Mary shoots arrow athletically. Cute shot of Ann jumping with big stick. Shots of arrow missing target. Mary and Ann hug dog. VS Two girls pulled in toy wagon. VS of snow covered neighborhood [back alley behind 350 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY]. Silly sequence of children doing everything with skis except skiing. Great shots of children skating. Mother poses with fur stole. Harvesting ice: Nice sequence of Grandfather Stewart, Howard Kendall, Rob Golding watching huge machines cuts blocks at Brookside. Man climbs up ramp beside block of ice to see processing. Man poling blocks. ["laddie cakes" going up incline, Mary Stewart Hafer] Rob Golding skating with young girl in arms (some shots dark). Mary uses blanket as cape to catch wind as she skates. Man pulls girl seated on plank, swirls her around ice. Large crowd watches ski jumping competition. WS, pans, MS of crowd. Some dramatic landings and falling. Stewart family jumps in celebration or to keep warm? Train in extreme BG moves slowly across elevated track. Car buried in snow. People watch ferry on Hudson River, watch train entering station. Posing for camera in row. CU on very cold thermometer. Pan of mound of blankets to sleeping man. Archie gets out of bed and gives big yawn. [Archie's bed on sleeping porch at 350 Grand Street] Kids playing, shoveling in deep snow. Toss snowballs at camera. Climbing out of snow cavern. Two men standing in front of Powelton Club.. Girls seated on steps, 350 Grand Street, play with doll with crown, stuffed dog. Four well-dressed ladies seated in snazzy convertible car. Cameron sisters in blue custom painted Packard, Powelton Club in background.
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