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1) 0916_F35
35mm film; [2180 ft. total]; Silent; b&w
2) 0916_F35
35mm film; [2180 ft. total]; Silent; b&w
3) 0916_VHS
4) 0916_IN3/4
[1928 Fair, Governor Brewster] (NHF Reel 2)
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Can Descriptions
Aroostook County footage. NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Intertitles in quotes. Reel 2: [label: '1928 Fair, Governor Brewster,' approx. 430 ft.] Title: 'Northern Maine Fair, Presque Isle, Maine. September 4,5 & 6, 1928.' Kodak stock, date code 1928: 'Produced by Frontier Film Co., Fort Fairfield, Maine.' Dupont stock: 'Photography by C.W. Benjamin.' Title with officers of Northern Maine Fair. Long title with fifteen directors names. Nitrate title: 'The Northern Maine Fair was founded...' 'Governor Brewster and staff arrive at the Fair.' Badly faded image of band, orange stock. CU Governer Brewster. Title: 'A few displays at the exhibition building.' Sheet music display.'Exhibits of the boys and girls clubs.' Stockholm girls' club. Aroostook potatoes. Potatoes in boxes. 'From the press box.' Racetrack. (Emulsion damaged) Title (dark): 'How's this for a parking ground?' Many cars, parked. (Film badly sticking) 'Van Buren and Mars Hill furnish plenty of excitement on the [diamond?]' (No image.) End of film shows midway, faint image.
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