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1) 0706.0001_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 0706.0001_VHS
3) 0706.0001_IN3/4
4) 0706.0001_BSP
5) 0706.0001-.0002, .0004, .0006-.0007_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Forrest Colby--home movies] Reel 1
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Can Descriptions
Label on can: '1931, Christmas, Shanghai, Hunting.' // 1939 date code on film. // Notes indicate footage is 1931. // Mother and infant, family and children on ship. In China, shot of two young women digging in cleared area. More people in town. More views of ship. Nice shots of junks, freighter. Fox hunt or steeple chase with horses. Children playing in yard, seashore or lake.
Shot List
Reel 5502 BRANCH COLLECTION 01:24 Mother and baby. Family on shipboard. Boy climbs ladder. Views of ship. 02:52 In China, women with baskets outside. Picking things up off ground. Man in white robe comes, gives the two women something. One has a knife. 03:43 Street scenes, Door in fence, people look at camera. People walk through doorway. Vendor has a small table (folding) Street with long fence No vehicles really on street. Pan of field with a few small buildings. 04:36 on shipboard again, children with balloons. Deck chairs. 05:22 boats, a sailing vessel (large junk?) 05:54 steamship fills frame and passes slowly right to left. 06:29 horses, a hunt of some kind. All riders wear hats. At least 100 horses and riders cross field. 07:07 Family with other Westerners in field, they were watching the hunt, most likely. They are in winter clothes. 07:31 riders again. Dark shot, late in day. 08:05 Children in yard with dog. They are wearing coats and hats. 08:29 Outside the yard in the street, pan of houses, fence, trees. Inside the yard behind the fence. Children run around. Family members and Chinese woman. Family scenes (grandmother?) with baby. Chinese nurse leans in to arrange baby, then comes into frame again and takes baby. She is wearing white jacket. 10:03 at the beach. Children on sand they are wearing coats and hats with bare legs. 10:35 rapid pan of shoreline, hills, boats. Women sit on sand, beach shelter in background. Children play in sand, dunes in background, rocks and vegetation. 11:33 view of rocks, beach houses 11:45 woman in hat holds baby. Donor notes said, “Leaving Shanghai 1933. Bou Dam, England, Paris, Clevelly, etc.” [This last is apparently Clovelly in Devon, England] 12:18 From the ship, views of the Bund. Ship leaves harbor, views of boats (dark at first). Scan of houses from moving steamship. Industrial buildings in the distance. FROM HERE THIS REEL IS NOT CHINA: 14:09 Hawaii, lei sellers on street …and further Hawaii, beach scenes. Note that amah is on this trip, with toddler boy on beach. Back on shipboard. 17:17 aerial views of orderly building, major construction (dam?), river. Airplane. Pan of stream by the side of the road. Woman surveys scene, man and his car, he gets in and drives away. 19:53 through windshield, driving (hood ornament is quite vertical). Man washes face in river. River scenes. Ocean? Houses near water. Road. Man walks on track. People walk, man smokes. Village. This is England [Clovelly] Marine hotel. Car through very narrow road. Pan of waterfront, houses and seagulls and boats. Woman descends stairs, Old Ferry Inn, car goes up ferry ramp. Dog jumps off boat. Car descends on other side and in cloud of dust drives off. 27:50 donkey with baggage, people walk up path. 30:00 Castle. Landscape. Sea.
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