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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
[Earl Hodgkins--home movies] Reel 11
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1956 – 1958
Can Descriptions
Can notes: 'Echo Lake, Ann, Billy, 1956. Kendra, Jane, and children--dressed up on our lawn, Orrington. Ann all dressed up, going to town. Monhegan Island, balmy days 1956. Beech Hill 1956. Ann and Billy rowing. Ann and Billy fishing. Earl shaving, tenting at Beech Hill. Billy's first day at school 1956. First peach. Snow sculpture, University of Maine, February 1957. Kenny and Billy in yard 1957. Cathy, Chris, Greg--Popham 1957. Billy's first bicycle ride 1957. Brownie's pumpkins, fall 1957. Mom's pumpkin on doorstep. Hunting camp 1957. Christmas 1957. Ann play[ing] piano--Bath--also Bill, Chris and Cathy. Nana and Grampa at Bath. Family freezing ice cream, winter 1957. Skating at Gliddens 1957. Building camp after fire, summer 1958. Camp scenes 1958. Ice fishing, Feb-March 1959.'
Viewing Notes
Children play at beach. Family outside house, children wearing costumes. Boathouse and people riding in a crowded boat. Sailboat. Two children in motorboat. Girl paddles with oars. Family at picnic table, man cooking. Boy with small fish that was caught. Girl puts live, wiggling fish on a hook and gives to boy. Man shaving. Three children with books and lunch boxes board school bus. Man plucks apple from tree. Snow fort in winter. Horse-sleigh snow sculpture. More snow sculptures. Two boys on grass in spring. Boy and girls riding bicycles and tricycle. Group of girls hold carved Halloween pumpkins. Boy and girl remove Christmas stockings from wall and empty contents on floor. Christmas tree with gifts. Boy blows horn with small sheet of music attached to it. Girl plays piano. Ice skating party with children. Girl falls on ice. Stream in motion. Boy wearing lifejacket crawls out of water. Woman in moored boat. Tent. Man holds boy as he swims. Man on roof of camp/cabin being built near shoreline. Girl with teddy bear. Man digging in snow, possibly ice fishing.
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