5 Copies of This Film
1) 96-034.0015-.0016_F16
Film; 16mm film; [800 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 96-034.0015-.0016_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; 36 min; Silent; b&w
3) 96-034.0015-.0016_DVD
DVD; 36 min; Silent; b&w
4) gift-1996-034_0015a.mov
5) nhf-1996-034_0015-0016 DVD.mov
Mount Foraker, Alaska, 1934--Charles S. and Oscar R. Houston--home movies. Reels 15 and 16
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Black-and-white home movies of the first ascent of Alaska's Mount Foraker in 1934, compiled with intertitles.
Viewing Notes
Intertitle: “First ascent of Mr. Foraker (more properly known as Denali’s Wife) 17,300 feet – July and August, 1934.” Hand-drawn map insert. Intertitle: “BASE CAMP IN LAST TIMBER ON FORAKER RIVER – ALTITUDE 2500 Feet.” Group cooking at camp Intertitle: “THE FIRST RECONNAISSANCE YIELDED THESE VIEWS FROM SPY GLASS HILL.” Various views, pack/herd of animals---deer?—seen running along mountainside Intertitle: “Mt. McKinley” Man setting up tripod, others washing up at camp, running naked through brush. Intertitle: “CAMP 2 ‘THE ELYSUAN FIELDS’ ON THE MORAINE OF WEST FORAKER GLACIER.” Viewing summit from camp, taking still photographs. Intertitle: “A DAY OFF.” Four men reclining in grass at camp, playing cards, filling lanterns with fuel, sunset…next day, hiking with loaded packs. Intertitle: “CAMP 3 – ‘TRANQUILITY’.” Intertitle:“THE MAGNIFICENT NORTH FACE OF THE MOUNTAIN.” Avalanche shot from distance. Intertitle: “Tranquility Col, with the clouds below” Man in cross-country skis, three hikers seen trekking through snow from distance, then close up with pickax and rope, views of the clouds below. Intertitle:“CROSSING THE SNOW BRIDGE TO REACH THE NORTHWEST RIDGE.” Pulling gear across on a tow line Intertitle: “CAMP 4 – ‘THE IGLOO’.” Intertitle:“ON THE WAY UP THE NORTHWEST RIDGE.” Intertitle: “Camp 6.” Intertitle: “Camp 7.” Tent set up on sharp incline, braced with packed snow. Intertitle: “THE NORTH SUMMIT – 17,300 FEET – REACHED AUGUST 6, 1934.” Shots of group at summit, including an insert from a still photograph Intertitle: “BACK AT TRANQUILITY CAMP AFTER THE STORM.” Medium close-ups of group of five , avalanche shot from distance Intertitle: “HERRON GLACIER.”
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