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1) 1108.0037_F16
16mm film; 275 ft.; Silent; b&w
2) 1108.0037-.0039_VHS
VHS; Unknown
3) 1108.0037-.0039_SVHS
S-VHS; Unknown
4) 1108.0037-.0039_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 037
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96: Reel 37: [Archie Stewart can notes: Summer 1934. Summer 1939 (?). 1. Picnic at West Point. 2. Picnic at Phoenicia. 3. Uncle Sam's 74th birthday. 4. Picnic at Mombackus. 5. Picnic at Allot's. Good interesting.] Screening notes: VS of men and women laying out food on picnic table at West Point. P.D. Weikert in white shirt. Slow motion shot of woman swimming in sparkling water. Campfire. Children in swim suits seated on ground eating. Barbequeing meat in stone grill. Woman slicing, serving steak. Dr. Jim Allott at Orange Lake Cottage. Picnic by lake, well dressed women in canvas lounge chairs. Young girl watches from behind chainlink fence as small plane taxis, takes off, at airport. Picnic in wooded glade, filtered light. Smoke curls from open campfire, people stand around. Men fan smoke. Woman sews. Man carries cake. Little girl claps, eats cake. Second girl scoops slice off plate with mouth. Two girls stand on rocks in stream, wearing party dresses. Barefoot girls wade in stream. Woman clutches skirt, dangles toe, beside small waterfall. Man drags brush wood while girl and dog watch. Mother holds girl as wades waist deep in water. Cooking over campfire. Slow pan from picnic site to series of waterfalls. Girls eating hot dogs. WS of playing in pool below waterfall (shaky). Two men and woman seated in Adirondack chairs on lawn, stroking dogs. Young girl eating (grapes?). Man in uniform with (binoculars?). Two stylish women in hats enter car. Young woman (Archie's wife) skiing beside house. Woman reading (dark). [Mary Stewart Hafer notes: 74th birthday picnic for Uncle Sam. Grandfather carries cake. grandmother Stewart in white dress. Ann is small child with curls. Mary is older child. Dog is "freckles" Curtis, English setter.] POV from window of tall building, panning shot of sidewalk, up building, city streets. From street level, pedestrians, pan up skyscraper. VS buildings, streetcars (shaky). View through store window of people looking at displays (reflection). VS streets, traffic, doubledecker bus, building with lion beside stairs [NY Public Library?]. Billboards 'Coca Cola,' 'Give a Neighbor a Hand.' Gaiety Burlesque Theatre. Mechanical woman in shop window. [Times Square?]. Moving shot inside car of traffic Riverside Drive; passing, crossing George Washington Bridge. Woman gets out of car alongside highway. Poses beside sign 'Hudson River,' pan to river., Hudson River Palisades. [Mary Stewart Hafer notes: The Hotel New Yorker on 34th Street then had young manager named Conrad Hilton. NY Public Library, near or at Riverside Drive. Burlesque theaters near or at Times Square.
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