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1) 1521.0004_VHS
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3) 1521.0004_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0001-.0004_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0004-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 4
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N4 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 4: 45:00. Intertitles: Reel No. 5. [NHF Reel 4] Our 1925 European Trip to the Paris radio congress. Mrs. Maxim, Mr. K. B. Warner and I sailed on the Mauretania, Saturday April 1.' Two women on deck of liner. They are standing by the rail. Woman adjusts coat, smiles. Overhead shot of crew, rigging on deck of liner. Intertitle: 'Just before sailing. Always an exciting moment.' Crew working on deck with ropes, etc. Intertitle: 'We're off. Backing out into the stream.' 46:00. Pan. of side of ocean liner. Crowd on shore wave 'Bon Voyage' with handkerchiefs. Equipment, rigging on deck. Intertitle: 'Good Bye.' Lone sailor leans against rail of liner as it commences its voyage. Spectators on shore. Sailor heaves wooden crate overboard. Undulating waves of ocean. Lesser boat, tug or steamer moored. Rigging ropes of ocean liner. POV of liner. Steam emanates from chimney of lesser vessel. Lesser vessel traversing water. Intertitle: 'A few north river scenes as Mauretania's bow is worked around.' 47:01. Steamer. Ropes of liner. Two steamers emanating smoke on water. Passengers standing on Mauretania deck. Mast, high ropes of this liner. Steamer or lesser craft. Buildings on shoreline. Intertitle: 'The crew start immediately making things snug.' Sailor descending rope ladder of liner. 48:03. Buddy ascends ladder as he descends. Three sailors ascend rope ladder. Mauretania belches forth black smoke. Water surface. Steamer. Shoreline buildings. Silhouette shot of sailors climbing rope ladders. Man balances himself on deck. He walks a bit unsteadily. He is bucking wind. Intertitle: 'Now we are at sea---Deck Tennis'. 49:02. Two men, clad in business suits are playing tennis. Wooden benches, nautical equipment in background. Intertitle: 'Leaving the miles astern. Mauretania is still the fastest liner.' Swelling, angry ocean waves. Intertitle: 'Mauretania's bow wave.' Waves swell, their violence increasing. 50:00. Pan. of swelling waves. Intertitle: 'Mid-Atlantic--A cold, wet, and lonely place.' Waves of ocean undulate ominously. Wires, bow of liner. Ocean raises vessel. 51:00. Now becalmed, waves still swell. Rope ladder of liner at side. Man, woman sitting in deck chairs. Woman has book. Intertitle: 'The days pass quickly. Friday noon brings us off Cherbourg.' Lesser vessel. 'Pilote' painted on side. This vessel is known as tender. Intertitle: 'The tender is coming to take us Paris Passengers off.' The tender which is small, little larger than a tug boat. Intertitle: 'Going aboard the tender.' 52:02. Passengers disembark from Mauretania to board tender. Some have luggage as they descend gangway. Stewards in white jackets look on at side. Intertitle: 'Mauretania gets under way the moment we are off. She's bound for Southampton.' Mauretania starts for Southampton, her chimneys exuding black smoke. Intertitle: 'Old French Fortifications outside Cherbourg.' Smaller vessels skimming surface of water. Walled fortress. Intertitle: 'Before we got into the harbor Mauretania was hull down.' Water surface. Chimney of Mauretania belches black smoke. Occupants on top of fortress. Fortress itself. Pan. fortress walls. Intertitle: 'Entering the inner harbor at Cherbourg.' 53:06. We view fortress from boat ride. Other watercraft. Mountain side, buildings of shoreline. Structure of multiarched building. 54:04. Small sailboat on water surface. Boat tilted on shore no longer useful. Intertitle: 'That evening, the sixth day from New York, we were in Paris.' Paris night, illuminated by lights. Paris is known as 'The City of Lights.' Some lights emanate from vehicles. Vehicles move. Intertitle: 'The Grave of the unknown soldier at the Arc De Triomphe'. Tourists in city square. One woman wears checked or houndstooth coat. Varied vehicles motor down Paris street. Columns with circular crowns. 55:19. Man, woman walk across street. Two men walking in square. Intertitle: 'Mr. Warner at base of Eiffel Tower.' Two men standing in opposite directions. Front man smokes cigarette. He has cane. He gazes upward. He turns, gazes up at Eiffel Tower. Statue in square with well-kept, trimmed trees. Intertitle: 'Dr. Pierre Corret and Mrs. Maxim.' 56:01. Elderly woman, man, possibly in his 50's. They are at side of shop which displays food in a window. Two women walk by. One carries folding canvas chair under her arm. Intertitle: 'Paris Street Scenes taken thru the hotel lobby windows'. Paris street viewed through large hotel window. Cars, trolley, pedestrians. Intertitle: 'Paris Traffic'. 57:03. Bus, cyclist behind. Intertitle: 'Place Du Theatre Francais--Heavy traffic, no control, no trouble.' Bus, car, pedestrians all moving in orderly fashion. Passenger in back seat of open car, top down. Car small. Various vehicles move about. People walk among them. 58:04. Cinematic Parisian sojourn continues. Variety of vehicles, a number of pedestrians. Building with statue at front side. (These shots just a bit grainy.) Man drawing rickshaw-like device. Couple. Man carries umbrella. Man with cane. 59:04. He pauses in his walking. Intertitle: 'Continued on Reel No. 6.' (Cataloguer's note: Photographer has mislabeled reel, possibly. Could be continued on Reel No. 5, which is next reel. (End Reel 4.) 4. 'European Trip 1925. 1st reel.'
RMS Mauretania, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Mauretania_(1906)

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