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8 mm film; [50 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 6
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1942 – 1948
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 8/97 (notes are divided into 9 parts due to length, donor's notes inserted in brackets): [Location: Columbia College] MS of football team playing on field. (Color) Shot team in action, throwing ball and all. Photography a bit fuzzy. Shot of team band, people talking on edge of field. Pan of crowds in bleachers. Band marching around in formation. Pan alternates left and right. LS of team in motion. The game has begun. Shot of crowd, team. Quck CU of man lying on bed. Misty quick shot of what appears to be a city. Poor photography. MS of group of men on city street. Quick shot of woman leaning over reaching for something. Poor photography renders last few shots indiscernible. Blank film with dark splotches, dots. [Location: France] MS of individual descending in parachute. Individual reaches ground. Can barely make out action. Quick alternating shots of airplane in sky, person descending with parachute. A second person descends in parachute. MS of sigh which says: 'Airbourne, 5557th Om Co....' MS of man descending in parachute. Reaching ground. MS of flying airplane. A number of individuals descend with parachutes. Vertical track shop of descending parachutes. Ms of parachute deflating after man has landed on ground. MS of descending parachuters. After successful landing, he walks along ground. Quick shop of wafting cloth of parachute. Medium profile shot of area around air field, hangers and such. Shot of airfield telephone poles, hangar, photographed as if viewer were watching from car. Shot of hangar. Quick shot of sign which states: 'Post Office.' Shot dark. Profile CUs of what appears to be passenger plane on runway of airport. Propellers are now in motion. Track shot of iron gate outside of elegant home. Statues of lions at entrance of gate. Shot moves downward. Shot of military guard walking smartly outside of gate. [Location: London, England.] May be a palace. Camera follows guard walking back and forth smartly. More guards step forth. Guard now presents folded paper to fellow guards. Changing of the Guard ceremony? Shot of guards. MS of guards as they march smartly forth. MS of limousine motoring down street. Quick shot of sign which says: 'The Chesire...'. [Location possibly Greenville, Maine or Knowlton, Quebec, Canada] MS of man and two children. Series of quick shots. One is a rear shot of tow small boys walking in street. Another is of lady in window of house. CU of boy. CU of knitted hat he is wearing. Rear and front shot of small boy walking in street. He wears overalls. CU of two children. They shield their eyes from the light. MS of barnyard with iron pail hanging from stick. Shot holds of barn exterior. Quick shot of woman't face. Quick shot of two children emerging from doorway. CU of young boy smiling. He has 'butch' (short, military-type) haircut. He is with his father. MS of lady as she sits in ear seat of car. MS of horse scaling hurdles at 'meet. Quick shot of children with father in rear.
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