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1) 2177.0076_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2177.0075-.0077_BSP
3) 2177.0073-.0077_DVD
4) nhf-2177_0076 ProRes.mov
[Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 76
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Can Descriptions
No label.
Viewing Notes
DVD slate: Reel 76, 1927 At the Dennison Factory around Christmas, 1927 Man in glasses, CU. Then view of man walking toward camera on city street. Another man with cane and cap. Then people running around corner. Workers pass along street, mostly coming toward camera. They have just lit up cigarettes. Leaving work, or on break. Women wave at camera. Men in overcoats. One man with bag. Everyone wears a hat, except for one young man. Younger people run. A man rounds corner on a bicycle. Woman in checked coat, another woman in fur coat made of patched squares. No leaves on trees. Hundreds of people. Mostly they stay on sidewalk, a few men walk in street. Change of POV toward clapboard house, then back in direction of corner of [Dennison] building. Car rounds corner. Men and women in pairs. Along factory building with fence. Tall woman in fu-collared coat with glasses. Men largely don't acknowledge camera. Old man in round spectacles and cap outside clapboard building. Among factory buildings, people descend and walk out a doorway. Another view of people coming out with packages, putting on gloves. Coming down stairs, exiting workplace. Light leak on right. Several camera positions, one by house, another looking at pathway with vine-covered building, third with arched stairwell covering, fourth by door with glass window in it, man goes in, otherwise everyone coming out. Women with packages. Man by himself comes toward camera. It is the elderly man in round spectacles. Another place in town. Cars at intersection. Man stands on sidewalk. Traffic, cars pass going both ways. Building with 9 on it. Car pulls up at sidewalk. Women pose by pillars that are decorated in Christmas greens. Employment sign. Man laughs. Enormous wrapped package (thematic holiday decoration). View of pillared door way with Christmas tree on top, package in foreground. Holiday decorations. Angle shot of young man with cigarette looking at camera. Another man, they chat. Sunshine on men's faces. Standing on step, watching people emerge, workers. Door continues to pen as people come out, lit cigarettes, adjusting gloves and scarves. View among factory buildings. Women with packages, cold. People walking quite rapidly. Several pause as they see camera. Man bundled up, standing looking at camera. Truck "Dennison Mfg. Co" painted over windshield. Man checks front of truck. Middle aged women CU. Younger women smile, young man big grin. [No slate to differentiate scene] Batteau on lake. Men in sporting gear walk toward camera. Dobsis Camp, two men throw baseball. View of house, flagpole. Lake with mist on it. Pine tree. Man carries gear. Cook comes out with food on plate. View of Camp from water. Boat hauls canoes: an excursion. From boat, looking at five canoes underway, man in first canoe wears gloves and puffs pipe. He has on a homburg hat. Men in next boat wear caps. At smoky camp fire, with pot over fire, canoes pulled up. Nice composition. Stream with canoe, man poling, man in front paddling. At dam, canoes go through one by one. Standing man poles canoe in shallow stream, more canoes descend stream. This part of film damaged. Smiling man. More canoes. Man in very reflecty dark glasses seated in front of canoe: a distinctive look. On the lake, underexposed, four canoes paddle up to and past camera. Better exposure as they come out from stream. Steam boat "Woodduck 20" various views. Dobsis pennant. Very windy on lake.

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