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1) 1521.0002_VHS
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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0001-.0004_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0002-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 2
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1924 – 1925
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N2 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. 2. 'The Family Album, No. 2. ...' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 2: Intertitle: 'Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Percy Maxim. Hartford 1924. Older couple talking. Woman adjusts glasses. 15:00. Couple talk, smile. The man gestures. Woman laughs. Intertitle: 'The two Hirams--Hiram Percy and Hiram Hamilton, 1924.' Two men side by side. Younger at left, older at right. Both tip hats, walk away. Rear view of the two. They walk forward. Shrubbery at right of path. Intertitle: 'Josephine and Hamilton, 1924.' Older woman talks with man smoking pipe. 16:01. Woman laughs as man removes hat. He puffs on pipe. She laughs while crouching slightly down. Woman waves, continues talking to man as he smokes pipe. She touches her hair. She laughs, straightens fur collar. Intertitle: 'Clare Eames, Josephine, and Hamilton, December 17, 1924.' 17:00. Buttoning her coat, woman emerges from doorway. Another older woman and younger man follow her out. First woman gathers coat closely to her. Man laughs heartily. Second woman, man talk. Intertitle: 'Clare, Josephine and Percy, 1924.' Two older women and older man talking. Woman at left gathers coat close to self. She inspects, stares at older man. Intertitle: 'Sophie interrupts-Mrs. Maxim wanted on the phone as usual.' 18:02. Woman appears in doorway. Two women and man standing at exterior turn to face her. The three talk, smile. Man twists slightly to change position. The three talk. Woman on left buttons coat. Man straightens suit coat. Intertitle: 'Florence Maxim Cutter, Josephine, and Mr. A. H. Babcock, 1925'. Two women emerge from home. Both wear fur-collared coats. First wears large pendant around neck. Man present. 19:04. Woman talks. Man doffs hat. Man gestures. Ladies talk. Cold. Their breath can be seen. Ladies have fur muffs appended at end of coat sleeves. Woman gestures. Intertitle: 'The Two Percy Maxims, 1925.' Woman tries to keep balance in icy yard. Another woman joins her as a dog approaches. One woman grasps the other by the hand. 20:04. Man draws on gloves as woman stands at side. He grasps her. They wrestle, fool in slight manner. Man points outward as woman smiles. The two talk. Man places hand on mouth. Tries to trip up woman with his foot. He grasps woman by arms. The two wrestle lightly. 21:03. Man almost slips on ice. Catches self. Fooling continues. Intertitle: 'PERCY Dec. 21, 1924.' Percy Maxim (age 18) sitting in easy chair. Lace antimacassar on back of chair. She smiles and looks at the camera. She wears ring. Relaxes. Lays head on hand. Moving object creates shadow at right. Percy says a few words. Straightens up. [Karan: Hiram Percy Maxim's arm cranking the camera appears as the shadow on Percy, the daughter.] Intertitle: 'My Father, Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim taken just before he died in 1915. I had this film reduced from a large one. It seems to be repeated three times. He is reciting, 'Mary had a little lamb', Just to show it is not what you say, but the way you say it.' Very distinguished older man, white hair, beard declaiming, gesturing expressively. Male audience in back of him. He gestures, talks as would a superb actor. Gesturing, superior histrionics continue. 22:55. He sits down. The men applaud. Intertitle: 'Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Maxim, Lake Hopatcong, 1925.' 23:01. Older man with white beard, woman emerge from doorway. He doffs his hat. Woman follows behind him. Older man points as wife joins him at side. Younger woman appears in doorway. Man smiles. Intertitle: 'Now we are in Hagerstown, Maryland, Josephine's home. Marshall Wilson. Marshall Wilson, 1925.' Older man wearing suit. Has white mustache. He is sitting at table. He says a few words. 24:05. He looks from side to side. Smiling, he talks. Intertitle: 'Julia Hamilton Briscoe, 1925.' Woman smiles. Her hair is rolled away from her face in short manner. She wears a ribbon about her neck from which jewelry is appended. Intertitles: 'Lenore, Marshall, Julia, Percy, and Clarence Little, Hagerstown, 1925.' Two women walk in yard. Foliage, flowers. One woman wears dark dress, the other a lighter garment. 25:01. Intertitle: 'Lenore's Gold Fish Pool.' Two men, two women on lawn, foliage. One man smokes pipe. African-American maids watch from doorstep. Ladies look into small pool indented in ground. Three women, older man talking. Man glances up. Ladies smile. 26:01. Woman traces man's eyebrow with finger. Woman crouches over, gazes into pool. Two other women lean a bit forward. Another man as distinguished as the first joins the party. Man who's just arrived takes woman by arm. Middle-aged man joins group. The three talk. Man gestures. 27:03. Woman leans down. She rises. Talks to group. Second older man talks. Woman glances downward. Intertitle: 'On the Wilson veranda'. Woman walks in yard. Trees. Woman in striped dress follows her. Man follows the two. 28:01. Older man enters. The four sit on veranda. Woman has one foot in rowboat. She has crab in small net. She has small sauce pan. Woman wades into surf. Jumps around. Waves, surf come booming in. She walks in swelling surf. She sits down in surf. Splashes about. She retrieves small object from water. 29:07. (End of Reel 2.)
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