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1) 1435.0010_VHS
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3) 1435.0010_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0010-.0012_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 010
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 10: Polly home for Christmas. Chris home for Christmas. Harrie home for Christmas. Christmas. Canoe repair. Richard shows up '68. Chris mobile. Harrie car. Christmas. Polly Richard wedding. Harrie graduation. Chris graduation. Knight children. Christmas dinner. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 10: Woman emerges from home carrying package which contains unused Christmas wrappings. Bearded man emerges. He carries artist's materials, poster boards, sketch pads, materials for drawing. 00:05. Porch. Open door of dwelling. Young man removes his coat. He removes his glasses. Another young man emerges carrying skis. He talks. Woman emerges. Closes French door behind her. Bearded young man by Christmas tree. Christmas tree. Floor clock. Middle-aged man leaning over. Wrapped presents on couch. 01:10.Bearded young man holds stack of presents in his arms. Girl and woman remove them one by one from his arms. The few remaining in his arms he sets on floor. Bearded man brings in large present. Middle-aged man steps very cautiously through accumulation of presents on floor. He sits in easy chair. Family walk by couch loaded with presents. 02:02. Man working on what appears to be shell of boat. He pounds on exterior with hammer. Young woman with suitcase. Bearded man. They are at trunk of car. Other man bearing package appears. Young woman raise arms as if cheering. Young man with items of clothing over each arm. Middle-aged man, arms folded looks on. Two men, and young woman in vicinity of car trunk lid. Girl hugs young man around neck. 03:05. Two men and young woman enter car. Young woman waves. Car backs up. Hanging mobiles of assorted shapes. Air moves mobiles about. One mobile in back moves about by itself. Now entire unit moves. Individual units are attached to form a whole. Bearded young man stands at side. Foliage in yard. Car drives up. Dog. Woman watches from porch. 04:05. Young man and woman in car. It is small two-passenger convertible. They motor down road. Trees, shrubbery at side. He backs car up from between trees and heads in opposite direction, toward camera. Car moves at fast clip. The couple emerge from car. Young boy at wheel of vehicle. Girl with bearded young man. He raises trunk lid. Then both enter front seat. 05:11. Other young man stands outside. Winter rural scene. Partially-iced water surface. Trees. Building on shore. Right-tracking pan. of area. Expanse of evergreen trees along shoreline. Tranquil water surface. 06:01. Trees, shrubbery in wood. Young bearded man and woman appear. Man carries package. Woman has small items under her arms. Man has saplings or baby trees in his box. Quick shot of man standing on shoreline. Two men set up Christmas tree in parlor. Now they take lights out of box. Young woman sits on couch. Older woman sits in chair. She is using scissors. Young girl reaches in circular box. She wiggles a bit. Dog sitting on floor scratches self. Two men by tree. Small step ladder. Man spreads arms. Family is decorating tree. 07:24. Upward track of tree with its assorted decorations. Downward scan of tree. Man rises from proximity of large coffee urns such as are used in restaurants. Man sitting on floor attempts to open present. He shifts his legs in comic fashion trying to get into a comfortable position. 08:02. Scan of presents lying on floor. Two girls look on as man finishes unwrapping present. It is a book. Girl laughs. CU of someone's sneakered feet. Waterfront. Parked cars. Woman kisses man. Ocean liner. Passengers on upper deck. Water surface. Family assembled on bridge. Man looks sideward. Suitcase on rail of bridge. Family. All wear coats. 09:07. Sign at building exterior: 'Bayberry Inn. Dining room.' Woman, man emerge from inn. Man smokes pipe. Man, woman walk arm in arm. Other people emerge from inn. Man and woman before closed door of inn. Woman makes 'come here' gesture with hand. She brushes bangs from front of face.She and other woman enter inn. Heraldic sign. Banner around base states: Jared Coffin House. Couple stand before door. Woman approaches and kisses other woman. Woman half of couple enters inn. Heraldic sign once more. Front exterior of inn. Side. Parked car. Man attaches tire to side of car. Open trunk of car. Sign on trunk: 'Just Married'. 10:04. License plate attached to car. Young man graduate. He adjusts tassel on cap. Woman kisses him. Parked cars. Crowd assembled in bleachers. Right-tracking pan. of parked cars. Single file, graduates walk onto field. People stand in bleachers. 11:07. Audience in bleachers. Two by two the graduates march forward. Scan of audience. Graduates emerge from tent on grandstand. Bearded man comes forward. Bearded man talks with women. He has his diploma in hand. Man with pipe spreads his arms. 12:04. Two dogs playing. They are at foot of steps. Dog retrieves stick someone throws. Dogs fool, roll around on ground. Two girls in midst of shrubbery. They make motions with their arms. They rise. One on left moves her arms. Each one steps over piled leaves. 13:00. Each girl rakes leaves. Girls descend steps of home and jump in piled leaves. They wave, smile in midst of leaves. Formally set table. Candles lit on table. Men and women enter diningroom. Family sits at table. 14:02. Man makes motion with hands before eating. Man begins to eat. Turkey on table. Gifts being opened in parlor. Woman holds girl 'Rat' or hair piece. Man wearing wire-frame glasses strikes 'proud' pose. 15:03. Buddy does same. His glasses have no frames for ears. Man hugs buddy. Men examine quilt. Christmas tree. Woman hugs man. (End of Reel 10.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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