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[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 076
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1926 – 1928
Viewing Notes
Reel 76, Part I: Archie Stewart can notes: Mary-ah. Screening notes: B&W. Majority of footage is on other reels. Nice shots. Intertitle: 'First Cine Kodak pictures. Decoration Day, 1926 showing Mary Stewart aged twenty months and twenty-three days.' Porch. WS Child holding dolls. WS Child in chair reading book beside mother, toys scattered on floor. WS Child on lawn sits on English Setter dog, Sneed's dog Quinty. Dresses dog in sun bonnet. MS Child in push chair, terrier dog frisks about and barks. Mary Stewart walking with mother stops to smell buds on bush. Child with pull toy walks across lawn. Mother and child pose on porch, in car. Beaming father, Archie Stewart, holds baby Mary, points to camera. Baby waves. MS Grandfather Stewart reading newspaper. WS grandparents and little girl seated on porch. CU girl holding doll, rocking in small chair. Child with toys: MS child beside dolls in bed, teddy bear propped at foot. Removes dolls, bedding, chomps on mattress. MS child in wicker baby carriage eating cracker. VS of young man and two women holding baby, riding in boat on lake. Geoge Northrop and Florence Newsome. Child and mother on shore, tossing rocks into lake. [Four Stewart and Warden grandparents] Family poses outside with dog. Grandmother tosses bone for dog as child watches. Mother, father and child. Mother and child walking on garden path. Child smelling enormous flower, hydrangea. Child in sunbonnet beside stream. Baby in bathtub. Baby pushing toy carriage. Baby playing with letter blocks, cards. Intertitle: 'The beginning of 1927. Christmas Morning.' Child viewing multitude of packages under Christmas tree. Rides stuffed bear, rocking horse. Mother helps child open packages. [Mary Stewat Hafer questions date] Intertitle: 'Shoveling Out. Mary and Grandma hard at it.' [Back of 388 Grand Street] Woman and child shoveling snow. Child on ice with shovel, hockey stick. Downing Park at The Polly? Intertitle: 'The Young Bookworm.' Mother and child reading book 'Painting and Drawing...' Intertitle: 'Baby's Shiner.' [injury from door handle in car] Baby in high chair, eating. Food dribbles all over face. Intertitle: 'We select a new puppy.' Women and child in pen with frisky English Setters. Dogs climb all over mother. Intertitle: 'Rough treatment.' Dog jumps on top of child. Intertitle: 'Sunday afternoon at 350 Grand Street.' Mother, child and friends relaxing on porch, in yard; George and Florence. Man rides teeny tricycle, falls off--George Northrop, then Archie. Intertitle: 'Three Years Old.' on back porch at 350 Grand Street. Child in high chair given birthday cake, blows out candles. Child riding tricycle. Intertitle: 'Don't fowl me.' Child holding, petting rooster. Intertitle: 'Christmas 1928. Twas the night before Christmas.' Mother reading to child beside Christmas tree. 'Early Christmas Morn' Child reaches down stockings from mantlepiece. 'Opening.' Child seated beside pile of presents, holding Russian nest doll. Opens gifts: teddy bear, lamb. 'One happy little girl.' Child with cardboard cats. 'Checks for all.' Man opens gift while child watches. Contains bank checks, gives one to child. Child seated amidst toys unwraps small figure. Child putting together jigsaw puzzle. Child standing beside small snowman, knocks down. Two children riding tricycles down sidewalk. Mary and Jimmy Owens, who lived next door. [Mary Stewart Hafer: I intended to marry him when I was 15] Hugging and laughing. Child leaving house with first mother, than father, than grandmother; 388 Grand Street. MCU hugging mother (wearing cloche hat and fur coat). Fishing trip in woods. Grandfather with pole walks beside stream. Child picking [clover?]. MS Mary fishing by swift stream. VS of man fishing, woman and child walking rocky shore. Grandmother beside car in woods. Family getting into car. Christmas tree, doll in play crib. Child examines gifts; Mary's cow lamp. Annie Mahaney and Patsy Nydom reading as third child hugs doll. Ann Brownbundled up, pushing toy carriage on sidewalk. Mary patting two dogs. Child looking at view of small town from hillside, mountains in BG (no leaves on trees); Newburgh NY from St. Luke's Hospital at the time of Ann's birth, April 18, 1930. Child on counter at Broadway Garage arranging flowers in glass. POV from window, houses and Hudson River. Man in yard with dog. CU on head of English Setter dog. Woman with fur collar and cuffs standing in front of house hugs child to hip. Father helps child learn to ride bicycle (dark, NG). VS Mary riding bike on sidewalk [first bike]. Mary climbs into automobile. Four girls on blanket on grass, Grand Street Gang. Three girls with baby carriages, play with dolls. [Mary Stewart Hafer: 7th birthday, polio epidemic, couldn't play with any other kids] Roughhousing with baby. Young girls picking flowers. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 76 Part II: [Archie Stewart can notes: Mary-ah. Part II.] Screening notes: WS Children in costume staging play on lawn. [Mary Stewart Hafer, second grade class production of opera "Siegfried." First graders had supporting roles: flames, dwarfs. At Quassaick Hall, Liberty Street, Newburgh, next to YWCA. Mrs. Louise Hanmore, a silent movie pianist, played the music from Wagner's Siegfried, while the children acted out the opera. Louis Hanmore was Wotan. John Imbrie was Siegfried. John became a world-famous geographer. Mary Stewart played Brunhilde. John M Balfe, Teddy Nickerson, Bobby Allott--all were dwarfs. Flames: Mary Sneed, Elwyn Shay, Ann Webb, Ruth Doremus. Dragon was teacher Mrs. Westerveldt's teen aged daughter.] Young girl lies down, other children dance around her. Boy hammers sword on anvil. Another boy in winged helmet takes sword and twirls around head. Children pose for camera with swords, shields, armor, one in a dragon costume. MWS Eight children in masks pose on front steps of house--Mary's birthday party at 350 Grand Street. MS children lift their masks. Pan of children's faces. Extreme LS of blimp flying overhead. Tracking shot as Navy balloon travels over countryside. MS of young girl seated at dining table. Slow pan of group of children seated at table. Some wear party hats. Party favors on table include figure of Mickey Mouse. VS of children mugging for camera, blowing noisemakers. Cake placed in front of birthday girl, blows out candles. Tilt down MCU of girl swimming in pool, Powelton Club pool. VS of girl swimming laps. Boy lying on inner tube watches. VS of mother swimming beside Mary. Mary practicing to dive from diving board. Another party scene: MS of children around table. MS of each child, eating sandwiches. Another birthday cake: birthday girl blowing out candles, cutting and serving cake. WS Two women seated in Adirondack chairs in garden holding dachshund dogs at Swiss Inn, Milford, PA. Two young girls kneel beside them petting dogs. VS of dogs frolicking with girls: rolling over, chasing, rough housing. Dogs biting girls hair as she lies in the grass. MS of frog seated in nook of rock, well camouflaged. Leaps left into water. Children playing in snow igloo. Mother pulls two young girls on sled down snow-covered Grand Street. Line of girls file into dining room, sit at table. Play with noisemakers. African American woman, Agnes Culpeper, brings cake and places in front of girl. [Agnes Culpeper lived on Smith Street; her husband was Pearlie Culpeper. They went to Long Island] VS of blowing out candles, CUs on girls eating, wearing party hats. Slow pan, Catherine Weaver, cousin of Grandma Warden, and mother eating in corner. Color ftg of another birthday party: WS of table with boys and girls in party hats. Table covered with party favors. Pan of faces as sandwiches are served. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Living room at 350 Grand Street, age 12. Kids behaved badly. Boys threw buttered rolls around room amidst Mother's newly upholstered furniture and new wallpaper. Mother said she'd never have another party with boys until they grew up.] Faded color footage of two girls building a snowman. VS of girls and snowman (George Washington) on snowy front lawn of house. Two girls propping up Patsey the dog dressed in kerchief and dress (color).
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