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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) nhf-2004-10_0005-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
3) nhf-2004-10_0005 edit-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
Africa Trip #5, circa 1959--Lillian Edwards--home movies. Reel 5
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circa 1959
Can Descriptions
Africa #5
Viewing Notes
Shots of towns and landscape, seen from the air. Panning shot of a dry landscape, at ground level. A parked airplane: ‘Air France’, tail number F-BBDD. A group of men standing around a truck. Shot of tethered horses. A group of men in a military truck. A man with a camera walking away from the camera, then turning and waving. Several people board the plane. A large crowd gathers outside. A sign: ‘Access Interdit’. (French: Access Forbidden) Someone carries luggage from the plane to a truck. People wander in the crowd, selling things from baskets on their heads. The crowd seen from the airplane window as it takes off. Cut to a shot of the sun. Men in robes boarding the Air France airplane. A woman carrying a basin and a large bundle of cloth on her head, with a baby strapped to her back. Shots of other women walking down the street. A man in uniform bikes past. Various shots of people carrying bundles on their heads. Donkey’s carrying bundles of grass. Men riding donkeys. Various shots of other people on the street. A woman weaving at a loom. Several camels kneeling on the outskirts of a market. People and herds of cows. Close up of a cow. Shot of the sunset. A camel carrying a person and bundles of grass. Panning shot of a herd of cows outside a village. People drawing water from a well. A woman walking past the herd of cows. Shots of cows and herders. Close up of children. A line of men on horseback. A line of boys standing around a ring, while a person dances at the center. (Appears to be some sort of play or pantomime) A French flag. A line of men in uniform and formal dress stand on the other side of the ring. Men in uniform come to attention as the flag is raised. Two men on camels. A line of camels. A group of people outside buildings next to a river. Close up of a man wearing a baseball cap with the visor pushed up, the inside reading ‘Petrole Shell’. Five people in a canoe. Cut back to the buildings. [End of Reel]
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