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1) 1271.0008_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1271.0008_VHS
3) 1271.0008_IN3/4
[Bell--home movies] Reel 8
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Can Descriptions
Label: 'HBB.' [1926]. // Child outside sitting in high chair. C.U. of child. Plays with toy attached to arm of high chair. Child wiggles legs back and forth. M.S. of family at table, dining. CU tot in playpen. M.S. of child standing up in playpen. MS family dining outside at seashore. Quick shot of Samoyed dog. C.U. infant. Mother wipes his face. L.S. woman playing golf. M.S. of family looking on. Two men advance with their golf clubs. L.S. children sitting on grass and patting dog. L.S. of child playing with dog. Different dog than Samoyed. M.S. of infant and older child sitting on grass. M.S. of older couple, older man sitting on grass playing 'patticake' with infant. He is joined by slightly older child. M.S. of infant wearing bonnet. Gets down on 'all fours' and crawls along. Crawls over to older man who leans on his golf iron. Woman golfer joins the two. M.S. of child holding infant as it attempts to walk. L.S. infant crawling. Samoyed in background. Infant learning to walk. Infant walks back and forth between the two ladies. L.S. infant in playpen outside. Mosquito netting around pen. M.S. of two ladies with infant between them. Each lady has hand of infant who's attempting to walk. M.S. of small child in wicker chair. Woman is trying to teach child how to play 'patticake'.(Shot is faded. Somewhat overexposed.) M.S. small child 'patticaking.' MS child in stroller. Boy approaches wrapped in fur coat. Two children play in stroller area. L.S. woman descending outside steps carrying infant. M.S. older man and dog. Man walks backwards. Young child joins the two. Older man takes child by hand. Rear shot of child walking on lawn. Joined by dog, the three walk along. Dog on leash. L.S. woman walking with infant by hand. M.S. older woman, young child and dog on porch of home. C.U. older woman holding young boy in arms. Quick shot of young child with plush toy animal. M.S. small boy walking down brick path. Silhouette rear shot of older woman and young boy walking down sidewalk. They are joined by dog. C.U. young child lying in hay then crawling over to sleeping dog. C.U. young boy smiling. M.S. boy by latticework. L.S. boy playing in hay. He pulls pan out of hay. M.S. boy resting on top wooden box. Joined by dog. L.S. snow covered street. L.S. man leading young child by hand. Snowing. M.S. man leading child up steps of home then taking child in arms. M.S. child playing in snow. Rear shot child walking forward in raggedy snowsuit. Child burrows into snow. L.S. child on sidewalk which has been partially cleared of snow. Dog joins him. C.U. of child walking in snow. Quick shot of African American woman smiling.
Amateur films
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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