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16mm film; 335 ft.; Silent; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 056
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Can Descriptions
Reel 56: [Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Dec 8 strange bedfellows. 2. Golf, Miami and swimming, 1936. 3. Hose picnic.]
Viewing Notes
Screening notes: MCU of grandmother looking out window (nice light). Miami: WS of harbor, boats, seagulls. Moving shots past Gulf oil storage tanks, bird on buoy; approaching drawbridge as it rises; passing various houses and docks; ducks; hotels; yachts. Golfing (Color). VS Archie and grandmother Stewart playing. Caddies. Mary putting. Family on beach (Color). Posing; girls wrestling; playing in waves. Neon light: 'Beach Wear and Gifts' [Cook's Casino on Miami Beach at end of Miami Causeway. The Cooks were old friends of Archie's] Pan of park, palm trees, beach in BG. People walking on shore. Goodyear Lifeguard blimp overhead. Mary modeling swimsuit. Building sandcastles. VS of golfing, separated by tee distance signs. WS of people on fairway, etc. Huge picnic on benches under canopy; VS men eating. [Columbia Hose was volunteer fire company near Broadway Garage, Newburgh, NY. Archie and others were members] Slow pan of men in shirtsleeves. Tossing horseshoes. Belly up to the bar for beer. Man step dancing, open air small stage, quartet. Joined by second portly cigar-smoking gentleman, dancing for beer mug out of reach. (Fun sequence, nice leafy diffused light.) Snow storm, shoveling, cars driving on snowy city street, Broadway at Garage. VS large crane removing snow banks into pickup truck. Picnic seated on small dock. Playing slot machines (outside), shows slots come up and payoff. Barbeque pit. Roulette wheel. Tent picnic, long table.
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