4 Copies of This Film
1) 1271.0011_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1271.0011_VHS
3) 1271.0011_IN3/4
4) nhf-1271_0011 VHS.mov
[Bell--home movies] Reel 11
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Can Descriptions
Label: 'Penn. 1926.' // Man and woman walking forward and goofing around. M.S. man lying on ground between two trees smoking a cigarette and wearing oversize horn-rimmed glasses. He's clowning for the camera. Rear shot of couple walking on lawn near home. M.S. man and woman patting horse. Man helps woman mount horse. M.S. of woman astride horse. She talks, smiles and waves. Rear shot of man mounting horse and joining woman. They descend down path. Rear shot of couple, man walking down path. Another lady joins them. Couple approach area where wash is hung out to dry. Rear shot of couple with dog walking in woods. Leaves on the ground. C.U. large boulder with vivid white letters: 'Here's to the Bride 10/24.' Painted on smaller boulder are the words:'May all your troubles Be Little Ones.' Funny face drawn on small boulder at right. Rear shot of man with pipe and cane walking through woods. M.S. couple and woman who are now on high hill. L.S. distant panorama. Pan trees and distant scenery. M.S. man entering area between two large boulders [a cave]. M.S. couple near boulder. Man emerges from cave. Profile of woman sitting in rocking chair on porch. MS parked cars. Man on horse comes quickly down path with dog. M.S. man astride horse pauses. Rear shot horse, man and dog going down path. M.S. trees and foliage on side of path. Quick shot man reading magazine as he stands with cigarette in mouth. Quick shot man walking down path wearing fur coat. M.S. lake, trees and shoreline. M.S. woman standing in yard and waving while leaning on fence near house. M.S. truck crossing bridge with dog in back and woman standing on running board. M.S. roadside scenery, trees and foliage. M.S. brick house with people entering. People walking on grounds. M.S. exterior of home. People walking down sidewalk in front of home. Profile shot of couple talking. Man in military dress jokingly pulls man's hat down around ears. M.S. two couples with man in military dress who is making silly gestures. All make gestures as if they are shoveling or cutting down trees. Rear shot of this party as they approach log cabin. Woman climbs up side of cabin. Woman has taken wood section of cabin and holds it aloft. Whole group clowns around a bit. M.S. mansion-like homes in city. Cars pass in street. M.S. city street covered with snow. Snow-covered land. Rear shot of woman walking down snowy sidewalk. Series of winter scenes in area: people walking on sidewalk. M.S. sleigh being drawn down street. C.U. section brook. More snow scenes, woods and people. L.S. sleigh on road. Man skis down slope. Rear shot of baseball game, hats of gentlemen spectators in foreground.
Amateur films
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