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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
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DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 048 (F18)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 48 (F18): [no can/reel notes; dc 1970] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 48. 24:02. Two young men upright inverted canoe at side of lake. Another inverted canoe is uprighted. They place canoes in water. Five canoes adjacent to one another, all manned by young men. Rowing begins. Evergreens of shoreline. They row slowly. 25:14. Rowing continues. Two canoes being rowed. Young man leaps fully-clothed into water from canoe. He swims a few strokes and climbs back into canoe. Smiling, he begins rowing. 26:07. Young man inverts canoe on water surface and plunges in for swim. As he grasps side of canoe, he smiles. Though it is now uprighted, canoe is filled with water. Young man gets in and begins rowing submerged canoe. Two young men adjacent row canoe in conventional manner. Canoe is inverted in water once again. 27:06. Two young men in canoe raise inverted canoe out of water. They upright it in center of their canoe. Now they push it back into the water. 27:21. People working around canoe that is on shore. Tree trunk with mechanical saw wedged in center. Sheet of plastic. Young man grins broadly, movie-star smile. Group of young men working at side of canoe. Silhouette shot. 28:00. Young man leaning over canoe. He has square object in hand. They continue working on canoe. Canoe is tarpaulined. Young man smooths tarpaulin. Tarpaulin or sheeting being cut with knife. 28:34. Group of young men assembled outside. Leader stands before group. He has a section of cloth encirling his hair. Young man in back stands with hands locked behind his head. 28:48. Young man examines wooden frame which placed between two logs. Smoke emanates from between the logs. 29:01. Fire betwixt logs blazes up. 29:11. Ice being chopped with long-handled device. Young man pummels ice with device. He has small object in his mouth. Smiling, he continues to pummel ice. Group observes him. Bearded man places chipped ice around ice cream freezer. Young man turns handled wheel around. He has one hand on his knee. He is helping freeze ice cream. Another young man sits directly on freezer top. Young man rises from top. 30:00. Ice is added, but securing arm of freezer is removed. Ice is removed from top of cannister and cover is lifted. Cladder is removed and excess ice cream scraped off with large spoon. Bearded, white-uniformed man is doing this. He looks up, gives quick forced smile. Freezer cladder is placed in tin pan. Young man reaches down with finger and samples ice cream from cladder. Other young man does same. 30:42. Group of young men walk single file in woods. Lake surface with copious evergreens of shoreline. 31:08. Group of young men gathered on immediate shoreline of lake. Leader stands before them, book in hand. Pan. of listening group. Leader talking. Lake surface in motion. Group of young men. One has chain with device on the end of it. Caught fish hanging from strung chain. Fish have been placed on boards. Young men place their feet on fish. 32:00. C. U. young man talking. He smiles with fish in one hand and rod in the other. He proudly holds fish aloft. Holds fish in two hands. Lowers it to display length. 32:26. Group of young men standing in bed of pickup truck. One man stands on the runningboard. 32:41. Young men assembled around and looking down into square steaming vat or large box. Long stick placed diagonally across box. Active, swirling water. 32:56. Square tin box is placed in canoe. Two boys carry large pail between them. 33:15. Large pail is placed in canoe. Another pail is placed in another canoe. Fleet of moored canoes. 33:40. Boys sit on platform, wharf. Writing with pencils on paper. Man at side applies pencil to paper. Man smoking pipe hands sheets of paper to young men. Young man standing in doorway. 34:04. Puzzled look on his face, man smoking pipe scans sheet of paper. 34:10. Young man typing. He types rapidly from material on table. 34:13. Young men engroup around pipe-smoking man as he types rapidly. Young man walks by. Pipe-smoking man glances up. 34:29. Young man lifts duplicating sheet from mimeograph. He lowers it back to mimeograph surface. Other young man gather around mimeograph. Handle is turned and duplication process begins. One of the young men examines duplicated sheet. 35:02. The young men gather the sheets. Man examines one of the sheets. He talks, points to sheet. Young man turns mimeograph handle and duplicating resumes. 35:26. Two young men by fallen tree trunk. One has axe. He touches trunk with axe handle. He applies axe to tree trunk. He divides trunk from base. Rolls it over. 35:52. Well-papered bulletin board at cabin exterior. Man in shorts posts paper. 36:03. Group of young men gather around bulletin board to read the notices. Two touch notice with individual fingers. 36:15. Sheet of paper with printing. Appears to be nicely-divided group of names. 36:29. Two young men raise inverted canoe. Other canoes are beside it. Breeze blows tree foliage. They push canoe forward and continue to raise it. 37:09. Canoe is placed in position. 37:18. Three young men by canoes. One makes smoothing motion just above buddy's head. 37:22. Young man sits outside with one foot up. He is reading. Young man arrives carrying square blocks. Someone checks names on paper. Puts pencil marks through some. Young man sitting outside points at small cans piled up near him. He writes on pad. Pencil scratches at names on paper. 37:51. Group of young men on bicycles pedal down woodland path. Some wear backpacks. 38:06. Group pedals forward. 38:13. Young men assembled around bed of pickup truck. Inverted canoes overhang truck. Oars and luggage are placed in truck bed. Young man in truck bed takes duffel bag smooths, straightens it. More luggage and oars are placed in truck bed. Boy carrying fishing pole. Young man climbs over side into bed of truck. 39:03. Luggage aboard truck bed. Young men climb into truck bed. Standing young man helps buddy into truck. 39:11. Truck motors forward. Overhanging evergreen branches. Quck shot of two young men playing chess. Young men carrying luggage to moored canoe. They gather luggage from shore and place it in canoe. Young man pushes canoe away from dock and then gets in. Car, truck goes by on adjacent road. Young men launch out in canoe. One paddles in bow; the other in stern. 40:00. Canoe being paddled on lake surface. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Ripples of lake surface. Canoe moored at side of lake. Water around it is in motion. 40:29. Two young men walk along in woods. Breeze blows leaves of tree and tent. Young man carrying pillow stamps something on ground. He points downward with finger. Young man removes slip from pillow and allows it to fall to the ground. Three young men tie rope around trees. They are raising a tent. Young man pounds tent stake into ground. Buddy watches him. 41:00. He continues to hammer stake into the ground. Partially raised tent. It flaps in the breeze. Two young men with sleeping bags, bed rolls. They set these items under tent roof. Young man starts to remove items from his duffel bag. 41:37. Two young men walking down woodland path. One in front carries tree trunk. Buddy behind carries kindling, cut wood. Kindling is piled for fire. 42:11. Young man lights fire. He blows on flames. Flame increases. Smoke rises. Smiling, young man points to fire. 42:29. Young man wearing sailor hat sits on ground. He is trying to open can with circular-moving can opener. He removes lid and places contents of can in small kettle. He sits stirring contents of kettle when another young man approaches and adds contents of another can to kettle. 43:00. Young man applies knife to square items in fryingpan. Buddy adds something to pan. Young man holds pan over campfire. Buddy hands him a spatula which he uses to stir contents of pan. No. 10 or large tin cans suspended over campfire. Young man tends to contents of frying pan. Turns item over with spatula. He adds seasoning or condiments from side. 43:49. Group of young men sitting on ground. They eat from plates. 44:05. Young man kneeling at side of brook. He is washing fryingpan in the brook. He scrubs pan vigorously. (End of Reel 48.)
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