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1) 1021.0001.02_F16
16mm film; [450 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1021.0001.02_unknown
Luther Gulick Camps, Sebago Wohelo, 1926 (Release Print)
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Can Descriptions
Print was created from dupe negative (acc. 1021.0001.01) at Cineric, 10/2003. // Content notes (titles in quotes): 'The Luther Gulick Camps 1926 Sebago-Wohelo.' Double decker steamer, lots of people on deck [arrival at camp]. 'Water Sports Day opened by the procession of boats led by the Migis.' War canoes, canoes with sails in procession. 'Wohelo has some fine divers.' Girls diving. Seven girls diving from different levels. 'Relay race.' 'Squad swimming.' Water ballet [synchronized swimming] and swimming race. 'Launching the war canoes.' 'War canoe drills.' 'War canoe race.' 'Aquaplaning.' 'Water witches tip over sailing canoes and right them in open water. It is wonderful to know how to do this.' Girls with war canoes. Water skiing with boards. Canoe safety drills. 'Horseback riding. Many a girl overcomes her fear of horses and gains thereby a life-long love for one of the greatest of sports.' Girls on horses in the lake. Synchronized swimming. 'Out for a morning's ride.' Horseback riding.
Lakes, Summer camps
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