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3/4inch-video; 40 min.; Sound; b&w and color
[NHF compilation: Transportation]
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Can Descriptions
1988 NHF compilation tape of news stories from BHS/WABI Collection. The tape contains: Roads/infrastructure: TR-1: 3 min. sound, A Redevelopment Plan for Main Street in Bangor, City Engineer of Bangor talks about problems with parking downtown. TR-2: cat.no.0069-11, November 1, 1963, 3:30 min. sound and silent, Governor John Reed Dedicates Route 95, Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Route 95 from Newport to Bangor; crowd on the highway, views from moving vehicle. State legislators and Governor Reed speak about benefits of the highway. Marine: TR-3: cat.no.0035-01, January 2, 1956, 2 min. sound, Blue Nose Ferry Inauguration with Governor Muskie, Views of Blue Nose Ferry being launched, Muskie talks briefly about relations with Canada. TR-4: 2:30 min. sound, Potland to Yarmouth Ferry, Port of Portland TR-5: cat.no.0004-02, January 1957, 1 min. sound, Governor Edmund S. Muskie's Inaugural Speech (excerpt), Selection concerning shipping and ports, importance of Maine coastline and port authority. Includes mention of federal spending for dredging and private investment. Community services: TR-6: cat.no.0011-05, October 10, 1958, 1 min. silent, Fire Drill, Firefighters respond to alarm, use slide pole, fire trucks and ambulances.TR-7: cat.no.0081-13, April 1964, 1 min. sound, School Busing in Bangor, Two young women interviewed on whether they think Bangor should provide busing to the new high school. One woman is a high school senior, the other is the sister of a student. Rail: TR-8: cat.no.0065-09, September 30, 1963, 2 min. silent, Mail Train to Bangor, Men work to sort mail, train goes by, shots of two high mail service buses. Safety: TR-9: 1967, 1:30 min. sound, Seat Belt Convincer. TR-10: ca.1969, 2:30 min. sound, State Highway Department Uses a Computer, Description of computer used to pinpoint high accident sites. Gas crisis: TR-11: 1974, 3 min. sound, color and b&w, Judd Strunk, State of Maine Promo, Gas Crisis Sequence, State Department of Commerce and Industry promotional broadcast (color) shows Judd Strunk talking and singing about Maine. Discussion of promo. Comparison of spending on tourism promotion by Maine and Canada. Impact of gasoline shortage on tourism. Air: TR-12: acc.no.0481, May 1969, 2 min. sound, Aroostook Airport Interview, Houlton Airport plans to attract corporate international jets. TR-13: 3:30 min., Bangor International Airport, Bangor airport attempts to attract international flights. TR-14: 2 min. sound, Mr. Depew of Bangor International Airport Comments on Snowstorm, Bangor was one of the few airports on the east coast to stay open during a serious snowstorm. Buses: TR-15: 90 sec. sound, Interview: Problem with Schedule of Maine Bus Service, Includes Camden-Boston route. Miscellaneous: TR-16: cat.no.1001-10, 1954, 90 sec. silent, Last Steam Locomotive Operated in Maine, Engine 470 from Maine Central Railroad pulls into station, turns on roundhouse. TR-17: 2:30 min. sound, Opinion: Parking Meters in Bangor. TR-18: 2 min. sound and silent, East-West Highway Conference, Meeting to discuss proposed highway between Amsterdam, New York and St. Stephens. Includes comments by Governor Curtis.
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