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1) 1435.0004_VHS
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3) 1435.0004_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0004-.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 004
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 4: Williamsburg. [Weiltom] Christmas. Birthdays. Babe in water. Flood. [Chris] and cake. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 4: 00:08. Large building. Appears to be schoolhouse. Flag atop tower of building. Sign with portrait of man attached. Two women emerge from aforesaid building. Harnessed horse near fence adjacent to building. Uniformed man. Building once more. 01:01. Brick gateway with statues atop each column. Tower. Blue sky, clouds in background. Shot tracks down to closed gateway. Dog walking down walkway. Fence, side portion of building. Shot tracks to left to reveal expanse of building. Cars parked at side of building. Copious trees, water surface. Flowering trees. Long plumed birds. May be peacocks. They walk along. Building, trees, walkway. Side of building. Well-manicured foliage. 02:29. Man mowing lawn. Front of building. Street immediately before building. Shrubbery. Row of bushes. Building. Lawn before it. Water surface. Two trees, primarily showing the trunks. 03:03. Gateway. Overhanging trees. Building, trees, lawn. Trees. People walk down sidewalk outside of fence. Flowers. Well-kept shrubbery. Building, walkway, trees. Lake surface, overhanging trees. Duck on lake surface. Baby duckling on back of mother. Duck, shoreline foliage. 04:13. Reeds along shoreline. Ducks feed on lake surface. White flowers. May be narcissi. Walkway. Trees. Well. Family sitting on ground. Two of the children wave. Children, woman dance around in circle. 05:09. They crouch down, arise. Two girls with joined raised arms. Children pass beneath them. Game of 'London Bridge'. Woman, children join hands, resume circling. Little boy pedals tricycle down walkway. He waves. 06:05. Toddler walking down walkway. Man offers him his hand. Toddler sits, crawls along. Boy cycles tricycle forward. Toddler walks on walkway. Boy behind is on roller skates. Boy on roller skates has small ball. He walks carefully along. Woman crouching down talks to child sitting on walkway. Toddler continues to walk. Toddler walks beside boy on roller skates. Toddler dips toy pail in water of lake. Pours water in woman's hand. 07:19. Little girl crawls through water. Woman holds toddler in water. Then he crawls through water on his own. Woman dips hands in water. Toddler does the same. Woman crouches down in water. Toddler splashes water with his hands. Toddler and woman splash together in water. Toddler crouches down in water. Woman splashes water. 08:09. Toddler, crouched down continues to splash in water. Woman places toddler stomach down in water. She holds him by shoulders in attempt to teach him how to swim. She sits him down in water. CU toddler holding up tadpole by legs. Other family members by his side, other youngsters, girl. He continues to hold, examine tadpole as others watch. Toddler walks on shoreline. He joins woman wearing sunglasses nearby. 09:23. He looks out on the lake. He crawls on shoreline with other toddler. Woman holds him by hand as he walks along and other youngsters observe him. Girl lifts him aloft in her arms. Waves of lake foam in. Family shot. They have joined hands. Man holds toddler by hand. Woman holds toddler aloft as incoming waves increase in intensity. 10:00. Toddler stands on shoreline while observing others in lake. Crouching down, woman talks to toddler. Two little girls walk along. Boy joins them. Youngsters assembled around a tub containing apples. Apple-bobbing time. Toddler puts one foot in tub. Toddler with balloon. 11:00. Little girls with balloons. One tosses hers into the air. Another does the same. Toddler walks along holding balloon. Girls run about with their balloons. Toddler examines elongated balloon puzzledly. He places balloon in tub. Woman sets other toddler down on ground. He begins to cry. Woman picks him up. Youngsters assembled on steps. They are eating ice cream from 'Dixie cups'. Woman tries to feed ice cream to toddler, but he isn't interested. 12:03. While woman holds cup, he feeds himself from it. Little boy painting small wheelbarrow. He pauses, looks up. Little boy pushes wheelbarrow down path. He and little girl with him wear identical rainwear, slickers. They both wave, little boy with two hands. 13:10. Shadowy shot of children in woods. One youngster seems to be turning handle. Woman, toddler, girl by kitchen sink. Woman places clean dishes in rack as boy smiles. Another toddler joins the party. He smiles. Toddler, little boy aboard small rocking horse. They rock back and forth. 14:03. Little boy dismounts while toddler continues rocking. Little girl enters. Little boy has rejoined toddler on horse. Game of 'Pin the Donkey'. Blind-folded children take turns trying to pin tail in proper position. Boy removes blindfold. Girl turns around and wears blindfold for a face mask. 15:09. Donkey drawing falls off of wall. Boy pedals tricycle forward while girl pushes on lower part of trike. Little boy pedals tricycle in shallow water near shoreline. Other boy pushes tin cart in water. Girl with doll carriage. Water surface. Trees in area. Pan. of trees, water surface tracks to the left. 16:02. Road. Flowing stream. Bare trees. Water surface. Left-tracking pan. Stream. We track to the right. 17:06. Road. Parked car. Little girl, boy in their yellow rain slickers stand in stream. Little girl, toddler enter through interior door. Toddler enters carrying coathanger. Christmas tree. Girl unwraps present. Boy unwraps present. 18:08. Dog, woman join the party. Girl plays with wheeled object. Woman helps boy with truck. Toddler pushes wheeled toy. 19:07. Children on walkway. Girl on roller skates. Boy on tricycle. Toddler, woman walk at side. Dog walks behind the three. Toddler smiles. He hands book to woman. Woman helps youngster on tricycle. He pushes it forward as she holds handles. 20:02. Birthday party. Toddler in highchair. Birthday cake placed on tray. Toddler a bit bewildered by the two candles. He pushes girl away as she tries to blow out the candles. He tries to blow out the candles without success. Woman gives him cakeserver. He places side of it in frosting. He picks frosting from top of cake and puts it in his mouth. (End of Reel 4.)
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