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1) 1562.0002_F8
8 mm film; 50 ft.; Silent; Color
2) 1562.0002_VHS
3) 1562.0002_INSP3/4
[Camp footage] Reel 002
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Hiram Blake Camp. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 2, JS 7/7/99: (06:45) Formal gathering. Women wear hats. Column in room. Woman shakes hands with another woman. Woman adjusts her white hat. (07:06) Traditional wedding cake topped with bride-and-groom decoration. Assorted foods spread out on table. Woman standing at end of table. Flower arrangement on table. Bride and groom by cake. Together they cut cake. Woman talks to bride and groom. Bride and groom feed each other cake. Woman, older man. He waves. (Blank space in film.) (08:25) Group of women. One holds bouquet. Little girl in formal dress. Still wedding reception. Women bow, make obesiant gestures as bride and groom appear in doorway. Groom holds center of cake. Women remove small pieces therefrom. (08:56) Wedding party assembled outside. Parked cars. Some women in group wave. Man by window. (This part of film just a bit shadowy.) (09:16) Display of wedding gifts on table, china, etc. Candlesticks. Flowers which are table decorations. Gifts displayed on chair. (09:57) Clelrgyman or minister wearing clerical collar. Woman stands beside of him. Gift display. Clock. (End of Reel 2.)
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