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35mm film; [600 ft.]; Silent; Color
[Wohelo Camp Footage 1919-1923] (Release Print)
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Can Descriptions
Print made from duplicate negative (acc. 1451.0001.01). // Print has blue color tint. // Includes National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) title card at head. // Promotional work featuring Wohelo camp activities. // Intertitled. // Canoe paddling by team of young women, who dive off canoe together; jewelry making; clay and pottery craft; 'Indian' painting, decorating canoe paddle; horsemanship scenes (riding together and one young woman attempting to stay on bucking pony); hoeing in field, farm crops; capturing bees, corn husks and smoking bonfire; picnic, eating corn on the cob beside lake; canoe sailing on lake; two women paddling canoe and pulling on shore; cooking over open fire using skillet; 'The 1919 Flappers' flipping pancakes in skillet; procession of women to the canoes on lake shore, paddling out into lake; syncronized diving off canoe to show 'teamwork'; paddling in unison to shore, disembarking from canoes; women marching with paddles from the canoes; night shots of bonfire, women in 'Indian' dress moving around the fire; women sit, then recline around bonfire. End. - 11/1996
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