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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 040-41
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1108.0040 - .0041
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96 for Reels 40-42: Reel 40: Screening notes: Slate says 'This reel was divided up and spliced onto other reels.' Reel 41 [Archie Stewart can notes: Rotary.] Screening notes: Intertitle 'Member of Amateur Cinema League, Inc. The world wide organization of amateur movie makers.' supered over rooster weathervane with clouds in BG. Logo 'ACL.' Intertitle 'Newburgh Rotary visits its Boy's Camp on the Twentieth of July.' VS group of 20+ men in shirtsleeves posed in front of large tent. CU sign 'Rotary Club, Newburgh, NY.' Pan down to men in suits at table. Older man playing piano (Alsdorf). VS men eating, talking, smoking cigars. Baseball game. Camera behind, beside catcher. Good views of pitcher delivering, batter swinging. VS of runners, fielders, people watching on bench. Banner for Rotary Club. Chef stands beside linen covered tables under trees with food laid out. Men being served food by waiters, eating at tables under trees. Piano beside flag, older man seated beside. Presentation, drawing (lots?) [Grandpa Warden wearing glasses, by tree] Men and boy at ice mill, Archie Stone at Brookside Ice Co. Uncle Sam Stewart after Archie Stone. VS of men, shaking hands, holding child, with frisky dogs. [Mary Stewart Hafer: DeWitt McKinstry, bank president, grandfather of my playmate John McKinstry Balfe.]
Sports, Celebrations

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