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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1488.0003_VHS
3) 1488.0003_INSP3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 003
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 3: 'Fishing at Moosehead. Early Risers.' 'R and M [?] at Moosehead, 1950. R and M [?], 1951. R and M [?] and snow 1952.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 3, 10/13/1998 JS: (34:49) Intertitle: 'Fishing at Moosehead. (Early risers)' Man walks along. Men in motorboat. Man points as boat starts voyage. He gestures, talks. One smokes cigarette. Three men in boat. Man sitting in stern places feet on crossbar. Man tips hat to other boat. Man crouches toward motor. Man waves. Man casts line. (35:55) Dog. Two men walk along, talking, gesturing. Two other men doing same. One makes gesture as if he'd like to strangle buddy. Grasps him by shoulder. Four men, two by two, walk single file. Man walks along, hands in pocket. Three men walk, arm in arm. Two men walk along. One pauses to write in notebook. Three men on wharf. Man in front aims rifle. Man at side does same. Water surface. Sky. Two men on wharf aim rifles, fire. Man on wharf hurls something. (37:57) Fish swimming beneath water. Fish splashes, making circles. Fish lies in bottom of trophy box. Two men in boat. One rests chin in hand. Older man with fishing rod. Undulating water surface. Arched wire of fishing rod. Hooked fish swims beneath water. It struggles, flops about. Fish captured in net. Man holds struggling fish in hand. Man holds dead fish aloft. Two fish preserved as trophies. Fish caught in net. (39:18) Front of business building: 'Rice & Miller'. Parked cars in lot. Woman walks along. Others follow behind her. One points. Women walk down path. Three men in area talk, walk forward. Middle-aged man walks jauntily down path. Three men talking. One younger than other two. Two men talk, walk. One offers buddy cigar from box. C.U. these two men. Group men, standing side by side. Man waves. Group of men walk down path. One wears cap, looks to be 'American Legion' hat. Two men walk beside of each other. One waves. Group men in work clothes stand side by side. Man smoking cigarette. (41:22) Man emerges from company truck. Older man in flannel shirt. Sign on side of truck: 'Buy from your local dealer.' Men walking on field. Fence or hurdles. Man walks in vicinity of parked pickup truck. Two men walk in midst of hurdles. Lone man waves. Bus goes down highway in background. Man runs on field. Bus on highway. Women walking on path. They wear coats. Group of men walk behind. Man on path points. Men walk individually down path. Man scratches side of head. Truck on highway. Man walking on path. Man carrying notebook. Man walks by parked cars. Older man. Man runs. Man walking. Other does same. Two men walk side by side. Man points upward. Other raises hand to shield eyes from sun's glare. (43:47) POV ride down highway, snow enbanked on each side. Telephone poles. Cars ahead. Snowbanks at roadsides. Long building. Small snowbank. 'Rice and Miller' building with snowbank in front. Shadow makes snowbank appear blue. Two men outside of car. One carries lunchpail. Woman. Car drives away. People walking. Silhouette shot. Men walking. Wind blows their coats. Two women. Two men. Chunky man. Car goes by. Older man carries briefcase. Two men carrying lunchpails. Man with briefcase. Two men. One man walks past parked cars. Men and women. Man. They walk where path has been cleared in the snow. Car motors up. One man walking. Four women walk side by side. (47:04) Snowbanks. Telephone poles. Commercial truck motors down road. Two men talking. One has hands in pocket. Three men. One pushes buddy playfully. Puts arm around buddy's shoulder. Man removes coat. (End Reel 3)
Fishing, Winter
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