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1) 5267-02-SPRO-88_VHS
2) 5267-02-SPRO-88_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; approx. 20 min.; Sound; Color
[Seapro project] Tape 2
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Can Descriptions
NHF viewing notes: Unloading fish, processing, pressing and drying of fish. Log notes from Bob McIntire as follows: Unloading fish from hold of Coastal Cruiser (CC) 240 ton. Henry Eustis standing by to operate boom on fish hose. Wide shot of CC hold tilt up showing route of hose. Wide shot of empty hold on CC. Pan from hold to fish transfer shot from bridge of CC. Entrance to fish cooker pan down cooker. Back end of cooker tilt down to conveyor taking fish to press. Pan of oil path from cooker to tank then to solids. Removal at Sweco separator. John Elmore opens lid to fish oil removal. Fish oil path from back of cooker to reservoir to Sweco. Shot of presses from above. Decanter. Fish oil with solids removed go to concentrator. Foggy shot of concentrators. Pan shot of press room foggy. Pan of press room to press. Pull back #2 press. Tyree James T. Newsome check fish cake. ECU of fish cake out of press. Tyree James Newsome points out path of fish meal to dryer room. Dryer room Frank Bearman walks to dryer checks continuous dryer output. Frank Bearman check top of dryer walks down steps, shuts down the contiuous dryer. Pan of dryer room. Frank Bearman walks over to trash from screener. Conveyor path pan across dryers tilt up. Frank turns steam on in dryer walks into rest shack. Interview Frank Berman: Camden four years, straight shot no scrim on light, good explanation. Frank Bearman explains process.
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