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1) 1903.0001 - 1903.0002_F16
16mm film; 2 reels (2,450 ft.); Silent; b&w and color
2) 1903.0001 - 1903.0002_VHS
3) 1903.0001 - 1903.0002_BSP
4) 1903.0001 - 1903.0002_DVD
[J. G. Capstaff-- home movies] Reel 1
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Viewing Notes
Deposited by Peter Dennen. NHF Cataloger's Notes: 1902.001. Young girl (Betty) drawing a figure and writing names on blackboard. (3:00) Another girl, (Phyllis) somewhat older, drawing figures and writing her name on blackboard. (4:12) Young girls (Phyllis and Betty) hold dolls and then eat apples. Phyllis wears a Native American headdress. (5:37) A black and white puppy (terrier) plays with young people outside. (6:06) Sailboat (race?) from coast. (7:38) Blackeyed Susans (flowers) (8:14) Exterior of home and flowers, particularly Lily pads (8:52) Close up of terrier puppy and puppy playing with a vegetable brush and other objects (10: 33) Woman playing with puppy (11:11) Puppy playing with ball and grabbing man's pants cuff (11:53) rowing race (12:18) Baseball game (13:00) College aged men outside fraternity (13:56) fraternal processions with crowds gathered (16:13) Wedding guests and wedding party gather outside church and walk to church entrance (18:50) Bride waits to walk down aisle (19:26) Wedding party leaves church and guests gather on church lawn after ceremony (22:10) Outdoor reception, near a body of water (23:16) Blonde children play outside, near adults (24:00) Two dogs eat food off of trays on a picnic table (24:18) Children playing on wooden lawn swing (25:00) Man with three blonde children and puppy sit near a body of water (26:10) Children eat lunch at picnic table on porch (27:01) Children play in swimsuits on lawn (28:02) Woman holds infant and puts infant in carriage (30:13) Children and adults play on the beach (32:14) Children in suits play in tent, on a play tractor, and a tricycle (34:03) Adults and children have lawn picnic (36:00) Children open gifts on Christmas morning; children sledding and playing in the snow (37:23) Young children dressed in Easter attire playing Ring around the Rosey before church and family walks to church (38:53) Mostly women and children in a procession leading into church (40:23) Furniture warehouse in front of house and sofa being removed from second floor window (40:45) Baby in carriage (41:00) Children playing with puppy and on swingset on lawn (42:10) Family outside amongst pine trees; children in light jackets (43:00) Children and adults loading into car and departing (43:46) Man and two boys in winter jackets outside of house piling wood for fire (44:47) Christmas morning: gifts prior to opening and Christmas tree (45:35) Children and adults opening gifts on Christmas morning (46:09) Dog and children make their way through snow drifts after snow storm (47:55) Small child in bonnet sits in self-propelled toddler cart (48:26) Family stands outside; man holds small child (49:39) Children dig dirt with shovels, presumably to dig ditch (50:54) Child pushes toddler in cart (51:24) Child sits in coaster car and then mows lawn with self propelled lawn mower (52:36) Dog and child in toddler cart play in the shade on lawn (53:08) Toddler in highchair is given birthday cake with one candle; eats piece of cake (54:30) Toddler walks tentatively, outside on lawn (56:05) Children play around boulders and swim in water with water toys and inner tubes (58:42) Man and woman clean fish (59:18) Family sit on dock and have picnic (1:00) Lighthouse and scenes of rocky coast; children and adults walk along rocky coast .002 Children polish front end of car in garage (01:37) Infant held by woman (02:02) exterior of white house (02:31) infant lying on stomach (02:50) Three children play on tricycle and toy car ( 03:17) Woman holds infant in what appears to be a christening gown (03:46) Child picks up rocks and drops them along a path; a group of children and a woman eat lunch on top of a mountain (05:00) Children and women walk down trail and wave (05:57) Man stands in water and holds toddler, pushing her back and forth in the water (06:38) Children play and swim in water and on beach, along a rocky coast (08:13) Children jump and dive off rocks and play and swim in water, some of them with using inner tubes (09:55) A group of children sit in row outside in the shade; girls are in dresses (10:40) Informal track and field competition; high jumping, racing, long jump, cross country racing (11:49) Children playing in water, wearing life jackets (12:40) Child in baptismal attire, held by woman, amongst two men dressed in religious attire (13: 54) Woman aids toddler in walking endeavor; toddler crawls on lawn (14:48) Three boys play in cardboard box (15:08) Children play on white sandy beach (16:04) Toddler walks into water with help of woman (16:25) Toddler walks along sidewalk with help of girl and woman (17:02) Children play in yard, dressed in identical caps and light snowsuits (no snow on ground) (18:07) Two boys in snowsuits take turns lying on dog (19:31) Hotdogs are roasted on beach (20:02) Motor boat pulls skiier on boogie board (20:51) Child jumps and plays in water (21:22) Christmas morning; tree lights and children playing with new gifts (23:34) Camping outing; man, teenaged boy, and child wear cowboy hats, tent and camper (25:13) Old Faithful (25:47) Family takes a trail ride on horses (26:32) Cooking at camp (27:20) Teenaged boy and younger boy throw snowballs on mountain (28:20) Sequoias (28:47) Boy diving off of diving board into pool (29:20) Disneyland and its various amusements and attractions (32:18) Family unpacks belongings from roof of station wagon (33:18) Family prepares campsite; children inflate mattresses (34:40) Large gathering for meal; family gather in living room area; boy plays clarinet and girl plays recorder (36:39) Children play with pinwheels (38:20) Children on roller skates and bikes play on sidewalk (38:52) Winter in driveway (39:30) Dog (in particular) and children look at bird in cage outside on lawn (40:37) Man and child in rowboat (41:06) Golden retriever puppies playing and eating (42:40) Boy in scout shirt plays with the puppies (43:45) Young boys play with dogs outside (44:47) Horse show; under saddle class (45:30) station wagon with camper; camper is assembled at camp site (46:47) two boys paddleboating
Writing [her name in print and cursive] on... Older [drawing cat and "Dinkey"] and People [in bathing suits] outside A race (?) [and ship blowing black smoke] from coast. [People watching from shore.] (11:53) [This is Dartmouth College] Men entering a [fraternity house, one sticking his head out the window] (16:53) [This is likely New York State - Maybe Rochester? In color.] Wedding party [and minister] (19:26) [Medium close up of policeman smiling] Wedding (23:16) [Maine or Rochester? Cotherston house garage (?)] (26:10) water [people chatting in group at water's edge] lawn [man opening garage door and driving off in black sedan. Older woman, younger, and children address the camera.] beach [canoeing and swimming] church[ children leaving with potted plants] (40:23) (40:23) [Jones] Furniture warehouse [van] in front... (1:00) [Muscongus Bay?] [Pemaquide Point] Lighthouse
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