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1) 1488.0007_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1488.0007_VHS
3) 1488.0007_INSP3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 007
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 7: 'Camp Katahdin, Chas.Jr. 1958. Plus Mother and Dad at Schoodic, 100 ft. Camp Katahdin, Chas.Jr. 1958, 100 ft. Ripogenus and Katahdin, 1957, 100 ft. Chibougamau, June 1958, Reg, Peanut.' NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 7: (15:04) Intertitles: '1958. (1) Camp Katahdin, Charles, Jr. (2) Mother and Dad at Schoodic. (3) Camp Katahdin, Charles, Jr. (4) Ripagenus & Katahdin. (1957). (5). Chibougamau & Reg Pean. Children playing volleyball in yard. Group of boys in yard. Pan. evergreen trees in area, field. (16:09) Boys playing volleyball. One boy places hands on head, wiggles. Boys walk forward. Three boys sitting on ground. Man wearing glasses. Boy standing by slim post. Man and boy walking down pathway. Boy stands sideways, talks. Waves of ocean pounding against rocks. Active ocean scenery continues. Nurse stands on rocky shoreline. She climbs down from rocks, walks forward. (19:01) Older man joins nurse. Seagulls join group of people in rocky area. Man feeds gull. Camp area. [Tents.] Roof-like cloth slopingly draped over wooden structures. Group of boys walking. American flag on pole by wooden building. Boys on sport's field. Pier extending into lake. Evergreen trees on opposite shore. Boys, man walk down pier. Man carries camera. He smiles. Trees, lake, pier. Trees, landing reflected in tranquil lake surface. Boys diving into water, swimming. Baseball game on sport's field. (22:02) L.S. boys playing baseball. Game, swimming breaks up. Boys walk away. Swimming resumes. Boys standing on pier. L.S., pan. boys swimming. Two are in rowboat. Boy standing on pier. Two boys dangle feet in water. Boy rocks back and forth while standing in water near pier. Swims in water near pier. Boy has black dog on leash. Family group. Boy and dog join the same. Pan. green mountain side, horizon, lake. (25:00) Sign, road, trees. Wooden structures which resemble wood piled up, foliage of shoreline, lake. Pan. trees, house. Tin object in midst of foliage. [Housing for utility pipes] Pan. trees, mountains, sky. Men standing on bridge-like dock. Boy peers down into water. Highway, scenery of roadside, mountain side. Pan. trees, mountain side, sky. Trees, lavendar flowers. Two women in smooth-rocked area adjacent to trees. Mountain side, trees. Boy standing in smooth-rocked area. Pan. mountain side. (28:02) Mountain peak, trees. Flowers among trees. Home in backgoround. Silhouette, woman, boy, near birch grove. Mountain side reflected in lake. Three men standing on highway. One points outward. Men turn, face camera. Front of home. Cars, pleasure boat in yard. Pan. lake surface, mountain side. Vehicle goes down highway. Man by car. Shot a bit shadowy. Home, church nearby. Mountain side, sky, utility tower. Car coming down highway. Another car, mountain side. Man standing in boat holds fish aloft. Fish dangling. Gazebo-like, roofed structure. Lake surface, boat speeding along. (31:04) Waves, fish on end of line. Fish jumps. Man wearing pink nor'easter holds caught fish aloft. Grove evergreens along shoreline. Lake surface. Trees, shoreline foliage. Waves. Motor boat, two men. Men examine fish. Boat starts out on lake. Pan. lake surface, shoreline homes, trees. Boat turns curve in lake, creating wake. More lake pan. (End of Reel 7)
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