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Glass Slides
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Can Descriptions
(UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Price Glass slides: 01:97. Cabin amidst trees. 01:25. Woodland road with trees, foliage on each side of road. 01:32. Lake surface. Shoreline evergreen trees. Wharf. Boards extended into water from shoreline. 01:40. Group of young men in bathing suits. 01:47. Larger group of younger men, conventionally clad. 01:56. Group of young men in bathing suits on wharf. They are looking out on lake. 02:04. Group of older men. African - American man in back row. 02:93. Men and boys on wharf. One has long stick. Lake surface. Trees. 02:99. Cabin amongst trees at shoreline. Boulder. Small wharf. 02:09. Boys, men at shoreline. They wear bathing suits. Some lean against frame of wharf which is in process of being built. 02:06. Cabin. Gazebo at side. 02:04. Group of young men in canoe. Copious trees of opposite shoreline. 02:52. Cabin exterior. Sloping roof protects porch. 02:59. Cabin exterior. African-American man leans against tree in front. 03:07. Side, back of cabin exterior. Gazebo. 03:15. Larger cabin exterior. Young man sits on steps with chin in hand. 03:23. Groups of young men in canoes along shoreline. 03:31. Hilly, rocky terrain. Trees. Lake surface in immediate distance. Hills in distance. 03:39. Composite collage of men's faces only. Men of different ages smiling. 03:49. Group of young men assembled outside. 03:55. Group of young men. Two in front hold long rope of caught fish. 04:83. Sailboat on lake. 04:90. CU middle-aged man wearing hat similar to a captain's hat. He has blemish on chin. 04:98. Sailboat. Lower portion of one sail has dark patch. 04:29. Group of young men outside. 04:04. Young man wearing undershirt cooks over campfire. Inverted canoes in background. 04:02. Canoe being rowed in midst of high reeds and shoreline foliage. 04:50. Man and young men stand beside of car. 04:07. Enclosed with outline of leaf, composite collage of men's faces only, males of all ages. 05:88. Group of young men. They wear uniforms similar to scout apparel. Some stand. Some sit in mountainous area. Cliffs, soaring boulders. Small waterfall. 05:14. Lake surface. Mountain side, boulders of shoreline. 05:23. Group of boys sitting on boulders. 05:30. Mountain sides. Terrain of mountain. 05:40. Mountain side. 05:46. Group of boys in and beside open vehicle. 05:55. Group of boys at building exterior. Wood piled in back. Looks to be wharf, shoreline building. 06:01. Young men assembled by canoes, preparing to launch them. 06:10. Group of young men in canoes. Tall shoreline trees. 06:97. CU young man in undershirt. He holds front of oar. 06:05. Lake surface, moose in immediate distance. Canoe vertically upright in foreground. 06:04. Four men at building exterior, vehicles behind them. 06:43. Larger pleasure, excursion boat. Men on wharf. 06:49. Stream with rocky, sloping side surfaces. 06:57. Group of young men assembled at side of tent. Bare-chested lad touches stomach. 07:86. Rear shot of three young men. Evergreen tree. Mountain in distance. 07:91. Lake surface with tents along shoreline. Evergreen trees. Mountains in distance. Spot-marring in upper right-hand corner. 07:22. CU wall map. 07:35. Poem on paper. Air. Andover fight for old P.A. 'Hail, Flying Moose, we greet thee, Singing thy praises here. Mountains and woods we cherish, Thy crystal lake revere, Home of our fondest memories, Moulder of friendship strong..........Extension and other verses of poem.' 08:43. Slide moves vertically to reveal extended verse. 09:10. Aforescribed continued. 10:29. Verse verticalization goes on. 10:45. Verse CU 11:30. Verses continue to be vertically shown. 11:37. Group of young men assembled by campfire. One is focusing camera. 11:04. Open vehicle. Canvas, covering over back side window. 11:02. Young men assembled by campfire adjacent to tents. 12:81. Young man, hand on hip, at side of open tent. 12:07. CU young man lying on side, 12:14. Composite faces-collage of boys, men of different ages framed in leaf outline. 12:25. Group of young men sitting on downed tree trunks. They are eating. One tilts pan to mouth. 12:29. Group of young men in open vehicle with one of group standing on side tire. 12:40. Group of young men descending wharf. 12:49. Small group of young men at side of wharf. 12:55. Sailboat on water surface. Furled sails. Wharf with people thereon. Copious trees of opposite shoreline. 13:04. Deck of sailboat. Rope rigging of bow. Crew of young men on deck. 13:12. Mast of ship. Ropes. Unfurled sail at side. Foam of sea below. 13:00. Young men crew on deck involved in various activities. 13:26. Three young men on deck hold, betwixt them, caught fish on line. 13:36. Large group of assembled young men. Some are in canoes. Larger group on shoreline. 13:45. Two young men with boxing gloves on ends of sticks duel while standing in canoes. 13:50. Two young men shaking hands. 13:58. Group ofyoung men standing on wharf with elevated tower on back. 14:06. Young men doing gymnastics on wharf. Man with pipe looks on. Young man does handstand supported by buddy's knees. 14:94. Stop-motion slide of young man in mid-air as he dives from board. 14:22. Silhouette shot of young man wielding axe. 14:32. Cabin exterior, campfire area. 14:38. Young men at tent exterior. Campfire ablaze. 14:48. Group of young men assembled outside. They are watching foreground activity. 14:05. Campfire ablaze. Young men preparing to eat. 15:04. Young man wields axe. Others nearby engaged in activities with felled tree trunks. 15:91. Man crouched over campfire. 15:98. Two canoes manned by groups of young men. 15:05. Two young men in canoe. Copious trees of shoreline. Lake surface, trees. White-helmeted person in foreground looking at lake. Trees, buildings of opposite shoreline. 15:51. Bow of canoe. Other craft beside it. Man's face is melded into shot. 15:06. Undershirted young man rows canoe. 16:04. Older man at oar of canoe. Lake surface, shallows, rocks. 16:00. Lake surface, canoers. Two men in canoe. Trees in background. Canoers, lake surface. Blemishes in upper portion of slide. Canoers. One occupant is standing. Map of Dedham-Bald Mountain. Full view of circular map. Men walking in woods. Man in front has sleeping bag rolled up. Shallow shoreline water, trees, sky. Man carrying backpack. Men in canoes near shore. Men in canoes. A long stick near shore with small pieces of wood hanging from it. 17:51. Man standing on shore. Two young men in canoe. One with stick is standing. Boys and men in canoes. Man is standing. Two young men and three men, slightly older sitting on rocks. Group of young men. Some in bathing suits. Young man holds frying pan over campfire. Two men lean down observing the process. 18:27. Mountain range and top. Evergreen trees growing on mountain. Snow-covered mountain top. Tall evergreen trees with lesser foliage surrounding them. Two mountain ranges intersected by lake surface. Moose on hilly shoreline. Lake surface. Houses along shoreline. Trees, lake surface. Mountain in distance. Snow surrounding boulders and on trees. Rocks of mountain covered with snow. Evergreen trees, moderately snowy mountain range. Snowy mountain ranges, trees. Sloping bare mountain range with snowy mountain range in background. 20:02. Lake surface with evergreen trees of shoreline. Mountain side with evergreen trees. Eggs in bird nest. Mountainside, evergreen trees. Inlet. Large, cliff-like boulders. Moderately snowy mountainside. Threshing scene. Men with threshing machines manned by horses. Locomotive with houses in background. Moderately snowy mountain range. Net. Platforms with wood hangings, protrusions. Lake surface. Shoreline trees. One tree leans toward water. Meadow. Fence. Well-spaced evergreens encircle fence. Rocky section of mountain range surrounded by evergreen trees. Stream with surrounding foliage on hill. Mountain peak, sky. Man and boy in canoe on shoreline. Man stands in stern. Canoe is launched with man still standing. Two boys wrestling with one standing in canoe. The other kneels on land. Section of trees along shoreline. Man stands in stern of canoe with other man hauling on bow. Evergreen trees. Power line. Two men in canoe. Man in stern in half-crouching position. 22:57. Moose feeding from trough. Lake surface. Mountain. Serious blemish across side of slide. (End of Glass Slides.)
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