4 Copies of This Film
1) 2167.0011_F8
8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2167.0011_unknown
3) 2167.0010-.0013_DVD
DVD; 1:02; Silent; b&w and color
4) 2167.0010-.0013_BSP
BetaCam; 1:04:10; Silent; b&w and color
Washington, DC, and Rehoboth-King Family--home movies. Reel 11
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1941 – 1945
Can Descriptions
1941, 1944 edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Winter '41-'42 Wash D.C. Harry here from Dix (April). Billy's 1st Birthday - June, July A.N.C.C. Ft. Myer - Surles Party. Summer '45 Rehoboth Beach.'
Viewing Notes
b&w, older woman in fur collar, hat, glasses, holds Patsy in bonnet and winter coat. They are at a zoo. Polar bear behind bars. Patsy runs. Two black bears. Baby in doll bed outdoors; he is in mittens and hat. Patsy with a broom sweeps front walk. Woman sweeps front walk (snow). Pulling baby on sled. Baby is in a wooden crate. Baby in sandbox; he has a bib on. He holds a shovel. Tin pail. Dog gets in sand box, too. Mother and father both appear, one at a time. Father demonstrates funnel with sand. He has on suspenders and a tie. Walking baby, holding him by the hands; new spaniel walks through frame. Baby investigates tulips. Bald man, grandfather, at birdbath, standing with Patsy. Grandmother holds baby. Patsy looks in birdbath. Father holds baby and laughs. He is wearing shirt with epaulets. Cake, “happy birthday Billy” with one candle. Baby at small table with cake, Patsy sits opposite him. He fingers icing after being shown how. Patsy also sticks her finger in icing. (Very nice sequence of sensory exploration.) Billy wipes icing on table cloth. Patsy with wicker chair behind her, nice light. Grandmother feeds Billy ice cream from a bowl. Family gathered around cake, one woman serves cake. Billy in high chair. Smiles at camera. Takes a cookie. Grandmother on step, holds Billy, Patsy sits next to them. Grandmother walks Billy holding him by one hand. His pants knees are dirty. Patsy on swing, Billy in a wheeled seat. The swing has heavy chains. Billy sits on the ground wearing a striped sunsuit. Children run in the grass. Billy pushes a Bradley toy cart. He crawls up stairs. Patsy on a little swing (under porch?) Billy wheels himself along. Sprinkler play. Patsy fills bowl from hose, drinks from hose. Billy learning to walk down path. Patsy tricycles, very narrow path. She wears smocked dress. Billy in soiled sunsuit stands and falls. Summer day, striped sunsuit, two women with drinks and one with a cigarette sit on lawn. Children in wading pool, Patsy with watering can. Billy with small puppy. Very large American flag being lowered in a park. Soldiers folding flag. Children on sidewalk with American flags parade past camera. Firecrackers. This is July 4. At the beach; camera at an angle. Children dig in the sand. Jumping in the waves. Boy sits in the middle of a ring of bucket sand shapes. Plan flies along ocean. Patsy draws in sand; her hair is braided on top of her head.
Grace O'Hara King
Beaches, Children, Birthdays
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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