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16mm film; 8,325 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
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[Alfred Pfister--home movies] Reels 1-29
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can notes in [brackets]; donor's notes follow: Reel 1: [Can notes: Hunting along the Nippisiquit River, New Brunswick, Canada, October 1919.] Donor notes: October 1929. Hunting along the Nippisiquit River; New Brunswick, Canada with Willy Gosch, October 1929. B&W. (See also Acc. 1062, Reel 3 and Acc. 1368, Reel 29.) Camp scenes, cleaning deer; canoeing. Reel 2: [Can notes: -8- Silent. Personal scenes.] Donor notes: 1947: West Coast, Florida. Alfred with fish, Paula. Long Beach. Paula and Alfred with tamed wild deer and at 'Swiss Chalet,' Florida. 1950: Arizona. Lunch in Sabino Canyon (near Tucson) with Alfred, Paula, Hotchkisses and Bendeliuses. Ormond Beach, Florida. Cars on beach and plane (Beechcraft T10) overhead; Alfred and Paula; boat trip through Jungle Zoo; beaches again. Tucson, Arizona (?) from 'A' Mountain (?); leaving by train (from train). Florida beach again. Reel 3: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1948. Mt. Tremblant, Quebec. 'Young' Hudson (meaning near source of river?) Ausable Chasm, New York (?) Saguenay resort. Hills and shoreline of large lake or river from steamer. Narrow gauge railroad near water. Cabins, houses, Madame LaGros, near Canadian-US border? Niagara Falls from Canadian side. Reel 4: [No can notes.] Donor notes: Alaska, no date given. Mountains; Paula on Grayline Bus tour; ship leaving Vancouver (?); town from water; steam railroad trip past mountains, glaciers; car fording stream; active mine tailings; airfield; dogsled on tires; revolving fish trap; Fort Yukon Post Office; aerial views; Canadian Pacific Airline; views from paddle wheel ship. Reel 5: [No can notes.] Donor notes: Alaska, no date given. From the ship Casca on river; small town; lower mountains; Fairbanks bus; Denali (Mt. McKinley); Dry Creek; views of mountains; hunting lodge; glacier from water; rough seas from ship. Reel 6: [No can notes.] Donor notes: Alaska, no date given. Salmon in stream with dogs; views from ship; boarding ship; Paula, Alfred and others celebrating; views from lake; truck with one single huge log; on river in a small boat being paddled (might actually be Quinault River, Washington - see Reel #13.) Reel 7: [Can notes: ' 33. No. 1. Silent. Ellsworth Fire.] Donor notes: 1949. Trip with Haymo and Marge Pfister, Middletons and Johnson up river from Beach Haven, New Jersey. Picnic on two boats, other boats, going on shore. Two boats are Garveys, flat-bottomed boats designed for shallow water and New Jersey beaches. Reel 8: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1949. Beach Haven, New Jersey. Lightening class and Comet class sailboat races. Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. Cleaning fish, Pierced Rock; views from above and from water; bird colonies on cliffs. Views of Moosehead Lake, Maine. Benedelius family pool, Oradell, New Jersey, with members of Benedelius and Pfister families, dinner at the barbecue. Gaspe Peninsula again, waterfront villages. Reel 9: [Can notes: '34. Jack's 75. Personal. Silent. 3C.] Donor notes: No date. Varadero, California. Beach scenes; yachts; resort at beach, palm trees. Varrobro International Hotel; gardens; more yachts near beach (film is streaked). First beach again? people on beach and patio. Tree in bloom, Haymo Pfister's house in New Jersey? Reel 10: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1950, mostly Guatemala. Market at Atitlan, front of church; smaller village market. Lake Atitlan, market again. Reconstructed (?) temple ruins. Chichicastenango market. Tucson, Arizona, riding at Rancho Barra Nada; trip up Mt. Lemmon; saguaros. Reel 11: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1950, Guatemala. Guatemala City. Getting on train. Antigua (Guatemala); swimming pool; Guatemalan DC-3 airliner. Banana plantation. Lake Atitlan; villages; water bearers; thatched village with backstrap weaver; ferry boat; gardens; village from roof; arched colonnade, flowering trees. Reel 12: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1950 Guatemala. Antigua, view from hillside, town views; food vendors. Lake Atitlan seen from distance. Chichicastenango, open air barbershop, same views; market. Same temple from distance. Small villages; market. Salt mines? Reel 13: [Can notes: 1950 State of Washington, Tony smells flowers, Plane to Lake George, Top of the World (restaurant).] Donor notes: 1950. Canoe trip on Quinault River, Washington, and Washington garden. Caribbean? waterfront. On can: State of Washington Tony (Johnson) smells flowers. Plane to Lake George, New York. Paula and Albert Bendelius boarding Beechcraft Stagger Wing at Mellor-Howard Seaplane Base, Little Ferry, New Jersey. Lake George and views from dock. Top of the World (restaurant) above Lake George. Reel 14: [No can notes.] Donor notes: No date. Havana, Cuba, from ship and on ship (on S.S. Talamanca?). Cruise ships in harbor; Morro Castle and harbor; Havana from water; rocky beaches and mountain. New Orleans, 1950? from water, street scenes; French Quarter; parade at night. Reel 15: [Can notes: Washington Cherry blossoms. Pat Turnfest etc.] .] Donor notes: No date. Paterson, NJ, Turnfest of the Swiss Turnverein. Barges, New Jersey shore? pulling up submerged ship? Turnfest again, group exercises. Washington DC cherry blossoms, Washington monument, Jefferson memorial. Setting piles at Pfister Chemical Works, Ridgefield, New Jersey. More scenes of Washington, DC. Reel 16: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1951. Florida, Colonial Airlines DC-3; Shriner's Parade, Tampa?; hard hat divers and boats in harbor; Tarpon Springs; Weekiwachee Springs water ballet show; raccoon. Miami, race track. Everglades harbor. 'Roof Magdalena' (Miami or Miami Beach?) View of town; mountains from air; Mexican airliner. Mexico, sea life; turtles, fish, dolphins; Mexican town; village center and cathedral. Reel 17: [No can notes] Donor notes: 1951. Mexico, mountains from above, mine?, hillside town, cathedral, students, people, donkeys, children, dolphins again. South Beach and Tarpon Springs, Florida. Boats in harbor, unloading catch, views from above. Garden Reel 18: [ Can notes: Beach Haven 1951 (Sept.); Gene's sailboat (race); fishing in Lake Ontario; Beach Haven with Johnson (dolphins and blues).] Donor notes: September 1951. Beach Haven, New Jersey: crane on barge, same as Reel #15. Gene Pfister's Comet class sailboat in race. Alfred with fish. Fishing in Lake Ontario near Cape Vincent; New York, Leo, Albert and Alan Bendelius and Alfred. Fishing near Beach Haven with Johnsons and Haymo (dolphins and bluefish.) Bird hunting (near Beach Haven?) then back to fishing again. Reel 19: [Can notes: St. Croix, St Thomas, San Juan] Donor notes: No date. Lake Ontario? Duck hunting with decoys off Beach Haven, New Jersey. Corn threshing machine. St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, from mountain, hotel on beach; St. Thomas airfield; Caribair plane with Haymo and Marge Pfister; cutting cane; launching outboard boat; sugar cane processing; LaGrange Hotel and gardens; St. Thomas from across water. Rainbow over San Juan, Puerto Rico? St. Thomas again, natives and family on beach; sugar mill; family snorkeling; lagoon?; after fishing; St. Thomas waterfront with Haymo and Marge; leaving on Caribair. Reel 20: [Can notes: Barbados, Tobago.] Donor notes: No date. Barbados: harbor with ships; sugar can plant; beach; cane fields; view from hill; villagers on beach; race track; old buildings; BWIA plane; views. Tobago: views from hill; natives on beach and launching boat; Paula in boat and landing on beach and leaving; palms; views of land and roads; air field, military, Pan American World Airways and Pan Am Constellation. Reel 21: [Can notes: AP 3. Jamaica 1952.] Donor notes: 1952? Trinidad, town scenes, donkeys; market. Dye works, Haiti, outdoors in large pots. Outdoor school. Views from city walls. Snorkeling; market. St. Thomas, hotel pool; views; Caribair flight. Trujillo, Hondorus (?). Columbus Castle with Haymo and Marge Pfister; sailboats, cast net fishing. Montego Bay, Jamaica (town), Hotel Jaragua; town scenes; waves crashing on sea wall; gardens; town scenes again. Haymo and Marge Pfister leaving Montego Bay on Pan Am. Reel 22: [Can notes: AP 2. Dr. Pfister.] Donor notes: 1952 Jamaica. Washing clothes outdoors and water system. Waterfront. Villagers. Montego Bay sugar mills. Hillsides. Sugar cane fields. Gardens and waterfront. Climbing cocoanut trees. Paula on beach near airport. Park in Kingston. Boy and Girl Scout or Guide Jamboree. Town scenes. Reel 23: VINEGAR SYNDROME - special storage 2/24/2000. [Can notes: Kingston, Jamaica, Rafting.] Donor notes: Presumably 1952, Jamaica. Dignitaries at jamboree. Kingston girl police. Sugar cane field, unloading cane. Brahma oxen teams. Jamboree again. Sugar cane train. River rafting. View from hill and waterfront. Reel 24: [Can notes: Talamanco, Morro Castle, Habana, approaching New Orl, French Quarter, Salt mines/Guatemala. Arizona Riding races, French Quarter & Arizona] Donor notes: No date. Sugar cane loads being sprayed with water, Havana. Aerial views of Cuba? Birthplace of Calvin Coolidge, Plymouth, Vermont, and cemetary. Lake Champlain? Tank being unloaded at Pfister Chemical Works, Ridgefield, New Jersey. Comet sailboat race, Beach Haven, New Jersey. Comets on beach; carrying sailboats into water for race. Reel 25: [Can notes: Readington House 1953; Haymo's new boat; Harbor Island; Tuckertown River; Albert's picnic.] Donor's notes: 1953. Haymo and Marge Pfister's house and gardens, Readington or White House Station, New Jersey. Haymo's new boat? Harbor Island?, New Jersey. Haymo's house again. View of Pfister Chemical Works, Ridgefield, New Jersey, from Route 46. Tuckerton? River, New Jersey. Shoreline and airplane in Caribbean. Picnic lunch with family on the barbecue patio at Bendelius home, Oradell, New Jersey. Old Jeep? Alfred and Paula's house in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Family at large swimming pool someplace. Fishing in Florida? Gene Pfister's son with apples. Alfred fishing. Maja Hellmold and three boys arriving on Northeast Airlines. Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Playing on beach and in water (Massachusetts?). Gene and Jane Pfister arriving on Northeast Airlines. Reel 26: [No can notes.] Donor notes: 1954. Albert and Alan Bendelius taking off in Bonanza N9K. National Airlines DC-7. Isles of Pines, Cuba (south of Havana): Governor and girl's organization; Haymo and Marge Pfister arrive on Cuban airliner; fishing; resort. Jamaica: Loading bananas; beach; Port Antonio; Rafting trip, from village and scenes; boat trip; Errol Flynn's island; Passenger train; Port Antonio, downtown and views of hills. Reel 27: [Can notes: Riger, Inc. Customer Dr. Pfister. 1955. Varia: Alfredo shooting. Culling trees at Waldhof. Martinique. Cape Haitien. Hamaca beach, Ditsik (sp?) Garden.] Donor notes: 1955. Alfredo Rondli (?) target shooting. Tambella's Nite Cap Room. Trimming trees at Waidhof, Milton, New Jersey. Albert and Alan Bendelius in garden, Oradell, New Jersey. Montego Bay from Dr. Kerli's or Dihehi's (?) garden, house and bar. Martinique from above. Women carrying baskets. Trip to Roosevelt's (?). Haiti: Resort and town scenes (out of focus); Port au Prince from above; Port au Prince town square and market; Cap Haitien mountain top (out of focus); town and market; donkey train; airliner landing. Hotel Hamaca beach, vilage and hotel, Dominican Republic, various boats, storm waves. Reel 28: [Can notes: 1955?] Donor notes: Probably 1955. Alfred targeting shooting in Canada. Van der Vliet fishing. Haymo Pfister's house in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Pep and Walter Johnson's children in garden. Bahamas: Government houses and gardens in Nassau, fair and children's circus. Harbour Island. Amphibious aircraft taking off and landing, several segments. Band. Dock and harbor at Harbour Island. Spanish Wells. Gene and Jane Pfister at Cotuit, Massachusetts. Nantucket. Massachusetts, lighthouses and waterfront from boat. Pep Johnson's garden, Cherry Hill, New Jersey? Cat in tree, children, Haymo, Gene and Jane Pfister. Albert and Alan Benedelius with rowboat on homemade trailer and old car chassis, Oradell, New Jersery; 18th birthday cake - Jackie's? Military air show, jet with parachutes, USAF and other aircraft. Jamaica: Haymo and Marge Pfister leave by plans from Kingston on BWIA. Lunch at Montego Hotel. Montego Hotel beach. Reel 29: VINEGAR SYNDROME - special storage. [Can notes: Coronation film 1953.] Donor notes: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, London, UK, June 2, 1953: B&W, silent, with titles, commercial film by Castle Films. 9 minutes. Procession to Westminster Abbey. Ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Procession to Buckingham Palace. Royal Family on balcony.
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