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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 162
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1968 – 1969
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Archie Stewart can notes in quotes: 'Starts with last 50 feet of 1968 fall hunting trip. Xmas at Ann's in Fallbrook. Birthday trip to Mary-ah's. Bedford 27 Feb - 1 March. Trip to Anne's Fallbrook, 6 March - 18 April. Visit from Mary-ah & Co., 25 April - 27 April. Spring fishing trip 7 may - 27 May. Visit Mary-ah Bedford 28-29 May. Trip to Mary-ah's for Thanksgiving 27-30 Nov. Abby's birds, early snow.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 162, 3/26/99 JB: WS of two older men posing beside dead deer hanging from tree. From behind, men walk toward cabin. Big deer or moose tracks in sand, pan up to men with motor boat pulled onto shore. Merle Hooks and Ariel Coombs, Maine potato farmers who came hunting with Archie. MCU on two men in hunting garb with arms around each others shoulders. WS of snowy woods. LS of men on beach, snow and woods behind. MS of four men on shore. MS of man shoveling beside wood pile [dark]. Different angle, two men shoveling beside log cabin. WS of cabin, man entering, deer hanging from tree in FG. MS of Jeep driving through snow covered woods, dragging dead deer. WS of man loading luggage into Jeep. MS of chickadees eating [suet?] on snowy tree stump; Bedford, MA. 1969, Bedford, MA. Deep snow at 137 North Road. Archie an dachshund in backyard deep snow. Jerky pan from Christmas stocking hanging over fireplace to Ann Sauls rocking in Barcalounger type chair. MS of young girl seated by fireplace playing with dachshund dog. Pan down decorated Christmas tree to presents. MS of kids in pajamas bounding down stairs. VS of children with stockings, VS of family opening presents. Archie Stewart opens present with penknife, large plaque with floral design. Displaying Christmas cards in sled pulled by reindeer. Nice shots of Abby feeding chickadee from hand. Blizzard. LS of Mother shoveling snow from steps of white house, wreath on door, 388 Grand Street, Newburgh. VS of large white house in snow. Red sports car parked in snow. Pan down from 1666 on chimney to red Cape Cod house, trees bare, snow on ground. Young girl walks down path beside large snowbanks. VS of cars under snow drifts. Car drives by, almost obscured by high snow piles. Man walking away from camera [Archie Stewart] through knee-high snow. Dachshund dog frolics alongside man as he lurches, breaking through crust. VS of people posing beside huge snowbanks. Sauls kids and Ann at Disneyland. VS Three kids in whirling teacups, pirate ship in BG. Woman riding on carousel. VS of pirate ship, skull carved in rocks with waterfall from mouth. WS of beautiful fantasy white city in BG. Cablecars running through caves in mountain. High WS of amusement park area. Family eating lunch at picnic tables. VS of family looking at mountain scenery. Rest area? lodge. VS of Archie Stewart with daughter Ann, dachshunds. Mary Hafer walking from large white house. Kneels on sidewalk and shows framed painting of George Washington. Loading trunk of car. Camp, mother with fish. Archie VS of man and woman [Archie and wife Mary] holding fish catch, standing in woods. Earl Bonness holding catch with Mary. WS of Mary in front of log cabin. Archie and Mary in full rain gear with large fish. CU on fish lying on board, slow tight CU pan down fish. Fish hanging on wood fence. WS of boat tied to dock. VS of lake, sunny day. Moving shots from boat of lake and shore, wake of motorboat. Boat trip down West Grand Lake from camp to Grand Lake Stream. Boathouse, large boat bobbing in water. MS of gravestone: Golding. VS of Mary Stewart standing beside tombstone talking with woman. Bedford, MA, 137 North Road. WS of Abby standing beside lilac, admiring blossoms. Tight shot on blooms. MS of Archie with daughter Mary, standing in front of red house, showing off mysterious object [wood pieces that fit into ornate metal]. WS of Mary Stewart beside daughter Mary in garden. [Several miscellaneous quick shots with sprocket holes, NG, end reel].
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Christmas 1968 at Fallbrook, CA with Ann and kids. (Major Reginald G. Saul IV was serving in Vietnam) Bedford, MA Feb 27 1969. Archie's birthday at my house. Trip to Fallbrook, CA. 1968 Camp again. Big deer or moose track. Merle Hooks and Ariel Coombs, two Maine potato farmers who came hunting with Archie. Deer on sled pulled through woods by Jeep. Chickadee close up. Christmas at Fallbrook again. Ann Sauls in rocking chair. Christmas trees. Kids rushing downstairs to attack gifts. Bedford, MA. Abby and her tame chickadee at our house. Mother shoveling snow at 388 Grand Street. 1969, Bedford, MA. Deep snow at 137 North Road. Archie and dachshund in back yard deep snow. Me in white fur bonnet. Sauls kids and Anne at Disneyland. Hafer and Sauls kids looking at mountains. Anne and Reg and dachshunds. Ann and Archie. Newburgh, 388 Grand Street. Fred and I loading car. I have been given etching of George Washington. Camp: Mother with fish. Archie, Mother, Earl. Mother and Archie in rain gear with big fish. Lake trout (I think) Boat at dock. Boat trip down West Grand Lake from Camp to Grand Lake Stream, Maine. G.L.S. boat house with boat inside, high water. Mother visiting Golding tombstone. Bedford, MA. Abby looking at lilacs at 137 North Road.
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