3 Copies of This Film
1) 2426.0038_F16
16mm film; [400 ft]; Silent; b&w
2) 2426.0038-.0040_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 38
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Pan of beach. Biplane overhead. (Film is really dirty.) Car arrives home to circular driveway at 27 Chadwick Street, Portland. Woman in fur jacket waves at camera. Christmas wreath on door. Mrs. Hinds opens door, greets visitor. Charles B. Hinds shovels snow with big two-handled wooden shovel. He is smoking a cigar. Mrs. Hinds in checked coat. Fishing excursion: Man rowing a boat, smokes pipe. (Scratched.) He takes out handkerchief, blows nose, makes big show of it. Fishing. A different man with pipe holds rod sideways, watches line pay out. Winds line back in. Man in seat in canoe looks at flies or lures in his tackle box. There are no leaves on the trees around the lake. Houses among huge trees. Man in rowboat. On deck, couple and young boys. Hanging striped hanging settee outside. Laundry lines outside lake house. Mrs Hinds looks at camera, smiles. She has fur-collared coat, Man in sweater helps fill car with water from hose. On the lake again. Fish in net. All men smoke pipes. Smaller scratch in this scene.) Pavilion at end of dock. (Nice view.) Wooden launch ( bad scratch, not very good exposure). Four men pull line attached to launch. They are taking it out of the lake on a set of tracks. Baby porcupine. Launch in the water. Car drives across field, underexposed. Pan of field and hills beyond. Lake, family loading into boat; engine amidships, smoking. Pulling canoe behind. Lake swimming. In boat, three women. Man with mustache has fishing rod. Man and boy show off large fish they caught. Swimming with flotation. Man with wheelbarrow. He has on hat and tie.
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