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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
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[Price--home movies] Reel 023 (P11)
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circa 1939
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Can/reel notes as follows; reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 23 (P11): [dc 1939] 4th July. Coal mines. Hockey game. Aunt Guss. Bucksport ferry. White farm. Beechwood. Great Pond. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 23: 18:46. Family group gathered about picnic table. Man reaches in barrel. Children eat ice cream cones. Two women standing by table. Group hold long ribbons between them. Girl inches forward. Drops ribbon. Group sits on couch under awning. Man touches girl. These shots silhouetted. Foliage. Shrubbery. Game of croquet. Two women, one man. Woman at side swings mallet. Man aims for ball. Man pushes boy as he swings. Woman, other child watch. Man pushes girl as she swings. Man gives boy, now in trapeze-like device, a push. Group gathered outside of large striped tent. Woman smooths girl's hair. Man wearing bow tie. Woman talks to, touches girl. Woman laughs, waves. 21:00. Woman fools with, wiggles arms of toddler girl. Both are on lawn. Girl runs forward. Woman dances. Grasps toddler's hands and dances with her. Toddler raises one leg. Man watches from side. Different woman dancing on lawn. Crouching man plays ukelele. Woman shuffles, dances expertly. Coated person removes something from dog's fur. Woman at side. Piled wood. Girl emerges from cave which is constructed of the piled wood. Boy, other childrenemerge. Boy is coated person alluded to two sentences back. He climbs up side of structure. Coal, industrial vehicle descends tracks. Area buildings. Train. Steam. Cars of train. Man standing in end car. Cars of train. Steam emanating from train. Man watches from side. Coal loaded in cars. Three miners with lamps attached to foreheads. They are standing on tracks. Two of the miners pretend to fight, motioning only with their hands. CU man talking. Exterior of industrial building. Drifting steam. Industrial buildings. Diagonal chute. 24:00. Mountain side, sky in distance. The chute. Building to which the chute is attached. Chute behind. Storage tower. Truck motoring in yard. Car parked in yard. Two men talking at building exterior. Chute. Railroad tracks. Telephone poles. Hillside. Raised platform. Shot tracks to right to reveal more buildings. They are wooden. Pan. moves to left. Piled coal. The industrial buildings. Four men talking. They are businessmen. Two shake hands. They disperse. Group of young people enter athletic field. Some carry hockey sticks. They commence a game of some kind. The group runs forward and about the field. Right-tracking pan. of group standing side by side. Some raise hockey sticks into air. Some keep at side. Group runs forward. Someone places hockey stick in front of man's face. When lowered, he smiles, waves. Players place two hockey sticks in front of man. Group with hockey sticks lowered to ground as if they are going to play game. They wield hockey sticks in unison. Parked car. Exterior of building which has sloping roof. People emerge. Pan. to right reveals building to be similar to large log cabin. Shrubbery, foliage of grounds. White tent. Two women at car exterior. Women enter car. Passengers in pleasure boat. 27:05. Flag flies in bow. Girl, cat descend stairs of rustic building. Stairs, railings of wood. Cat is on leash. Left pan. of area immediate to this structure's exterior. Large tree trunk of white wood. Right-tracking pan. of area. Abundant, nicely-spaced trees. Adjacent water surface. Pleasure craft skims on water. Driver spins boat rapidly about. Water surface. Pleasure craft skims rapidly forward. It darts quickly about water. Its rapid excursion and turns leaves wake. Man watches from wharf, landing. Woman, also. The craft has docked at platform in water. Man poles platform into wharf. Man enters large shed, emerges. Two horses drive carriage mastered by man. Barrel is on back of carriage. Shed exterior. Man drives up in car. Parked car, luggage attached to running board. Woman approaches car. Other woman enters car. Dog approaches. Dog stands on hind legs, placing his front paws on woman. Woman talks to other woman in car. She pats dog. Group of people on wharf. They are dressed for swimming. Girl dives from board. One swimmer after another dives from board and swims about. 30:01. One girl catapults self head first into water. Young woman climbs ladder at side and dives from board. Diving and swimming. Water surface. Mountain side in immediate distance. Rowboat sets out from shore. (Wharf is actually mobile platform.) Group of young women on diving platform. Young man in rowboat at side. Picnic, barbecue in woods. Group of young people. Woman carries wood. Young girl, smiles, rises. Two girls fool with third, grabbing her by arms. Exterior of gas station. Quick shot. Woman with hand on head. She is at car exterior. Boy walks by. Man casts line. He is smoking pipe. Typical fisherman. Water surface in motion. Mountain side. Boy paddles forth in motorboat. Girl attends to motor attached to stern. She starts motor. Boat starts excursion. Chunky man in canoe. Slim buddy rows in stern. Woman in bathing suit walks on shoreline. Woman, man walk in woods. Man carries basket, equipment under arm. Man crouches. Woman spreads blanket. She sits. Man attends campfire. Woman, man stir contents of frying pan. Quick silhouette of tree. Someone or something moves in midst of tree. Clouds in sky. Airplane flies in midst of clouds. 33:03. Excellent cloud photography. Airplane continues ascent. Quick silhouette of trees below. Overhanging clouds, once again. Airplane crosses clouds. Man in canoe paddles out from shore. He stands in stern as he paddles forth. Woman in canoe. Adjacent to shore, man walks carefully in canoe. He pulls in canoe. Right-tracking pan. of water surface. Trees of opposite shoreline. Building in wood. Water surface in motion. Extension of pan. Shoreline trees. Cabins in midst of trees. Closer view of same. (End of Reel 23.)
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