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16mm film; [2350 ft. total for 7 reels]; Silent; b&w
[commercial shorts] Reel 060 (C7)
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Can Descriptions
Various commercial shorts. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 60 (C7): 200 ft. B&w. Si. Western. 'Loan Bandit.' Cars on road. Not animated. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED CATALOGER'S NOTES) NHF Cataloguer's notes. Reel 60. 14:26. Intertitle: 'Exclusive Movie Studios Inc. present Blonde Bandit.(Western).' Desert, rocks. Black masked cowboy on horse. Line of horses. Woman on horse. Cowboy leads horse by rope. Cowboy points to girl, talks. Intertitle: 'You 'tend to your father and I'll try to capture the bandit.' Horses. Cowboy points to and talks to bandit. Intertitle: 'Hurry and get it unloaded-I'll go back and give 'em a wrong steer.' (Cataloguer's correction: Large 'B' made title seem like 'Blonde Bandit'. Correct title is: LONE BANDIT.) Cowboy rides away. Line of cowboys on horses, a posse. Dog runs ahead of cowboy on horse. Two other cowboys join him. 15:41. Intertitle: 'I mean you just held me up, and the posse are now looking for you.' Cowboy holds gun on another. Man being held-up hits him with fist. Cowboy and horse run away. Woman and other cowboys gaze after. Posse rides along. Cowboy jumps from enbankment. Other cowboy waits below. The two have fist fight. Cowboy arrives on horse, draws pistol. Fighting cowboys pummel each other. Third man joins fight as posse rides forward. Fight continues as posse dismounts and walks forward. Posse separates cowboys. Man points pistol. 16:48. Unnoticed boy tied up. Intertitle: 'HEY!' He struggles. Cowboy goes into cave and releases boy from ropes. Boy points toward cowboy. Intertitle: 'Dad-----this guy is in with the lone bandit who brought me here.' Cowboy points. Woman watches from horse as cowboy draws gun from another's holster. Cowboy on horse approaches woman. He draws aside his black mask and laughs. Woman who has drawn her pistol looks horrified. Two cowboys ride side by side. Woman grabs unmasked cowboy. The two hide behind boulders as posse arrives. Gun fight ensues. Cowboy grabs woman and holds her hostage as two other cowboys look on. 18:05. Dog descends from boulder. Cowboy views running dog through binoculars. Cowboy and buddy rejoice at the sight. Woman waves. Dog attacks man holding her hostage. Dog continues to subdue villain. Cowboys arrive. Cowboy examines villain. Woman and cowboy talk. Intertitle: 'The End. Exclusive Movie Studios.' New cartoon. 18:58. Parrot squawks from car roof. Hook extended on crane lifts car up. Two cats in car. Rain descends. Small statue on car front raises umbrella. Cat backs car up. Cat removes 'California' sign from roadside and attaches it to car. They motor forward through rain. Statue drops sign. Car with RV attached to back. Many cars run into back of RV in progressive accident. All of this enlarges, balloons structure of RV enormously. RV pulsates. It explodes and cars emerge. 19:48. Pig drives convertible coup'e. Parrot gets on roof. Many cars approach, line up. Parrot squawks, begins jumping on roofs of cars. On roof of pig's coup'e. Lone wheel shaft of car. Other cars go forward. Motorcycle. Cats in convertible. Other cars whiz by. Cats drive convertible through orchard, hitting each tree with car. Tree trunks become humanized. Each cringes as convertible hits it. Cars lined up leave one by one. Succession of wheel shafts. Cat's vehicle bends, twists, changes shape. Only front now remains. Station wagon. Cats bounce along on springs of seat cushion. Bonneted bird surpasses cats. Exhaust pipe of bird's car bombards cats with tennis balls. 21:06. Wife cat lectures husband. They sit on pillow as car loaded with animals approaches. Cats make hitchhiking gestures. Wife cat is invited in with other animals while husband is left at roadside. Pig's pulsating car with parrot atop arrives. Husband cat still abandoned! Intertitle: 'The End. Excel Movie Products.' (End of Reel 60.)
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