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1) 1435.0011_VHS
2) 1435.0011_IN3/4
3) 1435.0011_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0010-.0012_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 011
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 11: Margie to college. [Ailly] Miller on Ranwan. p[?] house. Jonathan. Margie graduation. Harrie on skies FML. Jenny. Jonathan and ball. Jenny on bike. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 11: 15:36. Two parked cars. Girl, woman approach. They enter car. Trees, parked cars, buildings of area. Scan of building exterior. Has academic appearance. 16:04. Girl, woman walk on lawn. Woman turns and waves. Right-tracking scan of trees on grounds. Building. Girl, woman. Girl smiles. Parts lips with fingers. Reveals teeth. Woman. Repeat scan of trees, buildings. People on walkway. Bush. Girl sneezes. Turns away from camera. Her glasses are attached to hair. Woman joins her. 17:03. Couple in boat which is big enough for just two. Man uses long stick for oar. He rows in comic fashion. Exterior of building. Fence. Bare trees. Building exterior. Roof juts out in certain sections. Large square windows. Unique architecture. Left-tracking pan. of building. Shrubbery, bare trees. Front of building with overhanging balcony. Side of building. Arch-shaped doorway. Intricately carved porch supports. Upward scan of building. Gazebo. Thick shrubbery surrounding the same. Someone moves in area. 18:01. Pajamaed infant lying on bed. CU the same. He moves arms slightly. Woman holds infant in her arms. He yawns. Bearded man takes infant on lap. Man, woman admire infant. Exterior of building. Columned porch. Upper region of building. Same structure described a few sentences previous. Building with dome, cupola. 19:01. Infant lying in carriage. He has rattle in hand. Roped bar guards infant. Woman tries to interest him in toy. Leaning over him, woman strokes him under his chin. He holds up rattle. She grasps him by hand. Infant wearing knitted hat, sweater. 20:02. Shadowy shot. Woman holds infant. Older man sits at her side. Maturing infant has reached crawling stage. He crawls on walkway. Man extends small ball to infant. He crawls on walkway which is scattered with fallen leaves. He now crawls on lawn. Infant is now toddler walking. 21:06. He approaches woman. He begins to cry. Woman runs finger down his coat. He touches button on her coat. Man holds item in hand for infant to examine. Toddler cries. (Hereafter infant shall be alluded to as a toddler which he now is.) Toddler takes item man offers him. Toddler approaches luggage which is on walkway. He walks along by suitcase. Man is placing luggage in tailgate of car. 22:02. Toddler has plush toy. Man, woman load luggage into tailgate. CU of toddler walking forward. Car backs up. Group of graduates in front of building. Man with camera. Graduates walk forward. People watch from side. Predominately female class. 23:00. Top caps graduates. Man with package, girl. They approach car. Man places package in back seat. Woman, dog, toddler on front steps of home. Toddler has small rake. He crawls backward down steps. Smiling, he runs forward with rake. Ground is littered with fallen leaves. He walks along with rake in vertical position. Woman sits on gate of home. Man stands at her side. Woman sticks tongue out. Winter. 24:05. Skier skiis along expertly. Continuation of same. Copiously treed mountain side. Snopw-covered ground. Spring. Woman walks in yard. Man enters car. Woman gets in beside him. He drives away. Woman holds crying infant. Man takes infant's hand. The three are on couch. Woman caresses infant. 25:05. Infant begins to cry. Woman hands infant to man. Infant lies in small bed. Infant smiles as woman talks. Man admires infant from side. Lifts infant in arms. Man dandles infant in his arms. 26:00. Infant in man's lap. Man talks to infant. Woman holds infant in arms. He is maturing. She touches him with her finger. Woman and man. Second woman hands infant to man. Woman grasps infant by fingers. Man kisses infant. Black dog. Man hands infant to woman. Infant smiling. Adult tickles with finger. CU infant. 27:01. Infant looks to side. Infant is handed glass or bottle. Child on lawn plays with ball. Dog walks by. Child sprawls on grass. Child rises. Throws ball. CU child smiling. Child carries plush toy. Woman now carries ball. Chilld throws plush toy down by dog. Child stops by tree. Woman throws ball. Child adjacent to flowers in garden. She smiles, walks along. 28:09. Child plucks daffodil. CU child. Child walks along supported at each side by man and woman. Child pedals down walkway on tricycle. Woman holds handlebar. Child walks on lawn. Plunks down, rises. Child puts finger in mouth. Arm in arm, couple walk cautiously down brick steps of home. 29:04. Man opens door of car for woman. He waves. Child walks on grass. Woman is crouching down. Dog present. Child points with finger. Child near wood fence. Child pulls on shovel. (End of Reel 11.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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