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16mm film; [375 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1375.0061-.0063_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 1375.0061-.0063_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0062-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:13:15
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 62
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 62:18:00. Door with geometric design. German writing above door. Man joins woman standing by door. Pov. car ride across bridge. Three cars parked in individual sections of garage. Man pulls garage door down. Places foot on handle. He pushes door up. Two men descend steps. Man on right has uniform on hanger over arm. Woman in shorts follows men down steps. Smiling man ascends stone path leading up to home. 19:03. Man shakes hands with man on porch. Woman looks on. Woman points into house. Man shakes hand with older man while waving with other hand. Man, woman descend steps, path. Older man follows behind. Woman waves. Man opens car door for her. He waves with hat. Older man, different from one just alluded to, waves. Woman, wearing fox stole smiles. A different man removes hat. Woman waves. Enters area where luggage dollies are aligned. This is an airport. Plane on runway. Van parked nearby. People walk on runway sidewalk. Airplane. 'United' vans nearby. 20:05. Plane goes down runway. Dollies. Vans. Back of car. Man arranges items in back seat. Woman has removed items from front seat. She hands items to woman standing on porch of what appears to be hotel with wooden-columned white architecture. Younger woman emerges from doorway. She waves. Woman carrying box ascends steps of hotel. Long, narrow upper windows of hotel. Three women walking on hotel sidewalk. By themselves, two women kiss. 21:00. Other woman arrives. These two shake hands. Older woman touches younger one on side of head. Younger woman, older man embrace, kiss. This man and other woman kiss. This woman points to man. She rests her head on other woman's shoulder. Scottish marching band. Men wear kilts. High hats. They march onto football field. Playing their instruments, band marches in unison. 22:00. Another marching band, marshaled by male majorette. Male cheerleaders at side of field. Crowd in bleachers. As male cheerleaders go through motions, football team enters field. Car backs out of garage. Drives off. Woman descends steps of home. Two men follow her. Younger man waves. Third man descends. Has white-wrapped package in hand. Man, woman get in car. He drives away. 23:01. Man stands in back of car. Other car drives up. Man in this car waves as it bypasses other car. Side of home. Lower part of adjacent brick building. Shrubbery by home. Left-tracking pan. of trees, shrubbery. More trees, shrubbery. White-columned portico of brick building. Well-kept shrubbery surrounding brick building. Pan. of shrubbery travels left. Moves to right. Brick steps leading to building. Portico. Red-roofed building. Trees. Shrubbery. Old-time lamppost on street. Family emerge from home. Young girl. People of various ages. Woman waves. Man carrying slim books, points upward. 24:00. Little girl zips up jacket as she follows men. Man, woman ascend stone path leading up to home. Man carries stack of newspapers under right arm. He talks while waving one of papers around. Man opens car door. Carrying luggage, older man follows him. Older man carries small table. Man hangs wash on line hung between trees. Removes garment just hung and folds it up. Woman descends steps of home. She carries very young girl in her arms. In turn, young girl carries doll. Woman smiles as girl hugs doll. Older man emerges from home carrying infant in arms. Younger man at top of steps pauses, descends. Woman in fur coat carries doll. Woman, man emerge from home. Window, side railing of porch. Family assembled by several parked cars. Man has little girl in arms. CU little girl. 25:03. Man with infant standing by car door. Little girl, just a little older, approaches. Older couple, standing at back of car, kiss. Woman, wearing white gloves fur or mouton coat waves. Two men shake hands outside of garage. Woman, man shake hands, kiss. Two women kiss. Woman with hands in pocket of coat. She walks forward. She does lively little dance. Car backs out. One by it backs out. Woman, man shake hands, kiss. 26:05. Two men shake hands. Man points. Woman waves. Two women walk forward. Woman holds medium-size bouquet of flowers. She wears what appears to be satin bridal gown. She turns about to reveal folds of back. She again displays her bouquet. She walks forward. Nicely-groomed couple walk forward. Woman smiles. Man has pleasant expression. Vertical track shot of couple. 27:04. Man carrying luggage approaches garage. Two men descend steps of home. Older man has bottle in one hand and other items under opposite arm. He hands bottle to younger man. CU bottle. Items under older man's arm. License plate. It says: 'NG 29M'. Car backs out, exuding tailpipe exhaust. Soldier in dress uniform descends steps of home. Coat over arm. Soldier opens door of car. Exhaust smoke floats in area. Soldier, older man shake hands. Soldier in front seat. He holds red toy car aloft. He drives away. 28:04. Woman watches as man puts cloth item in trunk of car. Soldier descends steps of home. He carries traveling bag and other items in opposite hand. Carrying luggage, two women descend steps of home. Soldier is adjusting luggage in trunk of car for maximum space. He has difficulty closing trunk. Woman standing at side of car. Soldier folds coat. Exterior back of car. Two women stand by open door of car. One rubs hands together. Soldier, woman kiss. Two women kiss. 29:02. Older woman kisses other woman. Side of car. Woman gets in front seat. Two men, opposite each other, sawing branch of tree. Pan. of sparse, fallen trees in area. Men reposition saw and resume task. Man, woman stand in door of home. Woman has infant in arms. Woman waves infant's hand. Back of commercial van: 'Merchant's Parcel Delivery Co. Newark, N. J.' Kitchen range in yard. 30:01. Company emblem on side of van door. Emblem is red triangle in center white circle. Men move kitchen stove with oven into garage. Moving crew walks out of garage. Men lift kitchen range from underlying platform. They carry range into home. Door of home with Christmas wreath. Two women emerge from home. Both have present under arm. 31:00. Man emerges from home. He wears fur-collared coat. Couple stand side by side. Man reaches down and secures white box which other woman dropped. Woman who dropped box walks over to man and places head on his shoulder. He places his arm over her shoulder. Door of home with Christmas wreath. Woman, man enter home. Two couples now emerge from home. Smiling, they walk forward. CU couple emerging from doorway. Woman yawns. She has been walking along while under man's coat. 32:00. Man embraces her and she huddles once again beneath his coat. They walk forward in this stance. Door of home with its wreath. Woman, man outside of garage. Man carries suitcase. Woman opens mouth wide. She shields eyes from light. Older woman wearing fur coat waves. She gets into car. Shadowy shot. Vase of roses. Other items on table. Shot of vase of roses. 33:00. Shadowy, indistinct photography continues, but it is of same area. (Normal photography returns.) Car backs out of garage. Man removes square object from trunk.(End of Reel 62.)
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