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1) 1521.0024_VHS
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16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0023-.0026_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0024-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 24
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N24; can numbers are donor-assigned. 24. 'Log of 'Moby Dick' No. 8. 1929 Cruise with Puss.' Reel note: 'Yachting.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 24:17:25. Intertitle: 'Log of Moby Dick. No. 8, 1929. Entering Greenport with New York Yacht Club.' Yacht drifts on water surface. Others behind with sails unfurled. Two of the rear yachts. 18:04. Men working with sails on deck of yacht. Cabin cruiser. Window of cabin cruiser enframes opposite shoreline. Varied watercraft. Sun vivid against horizon. Water surface. Yachts. Intertitle: 'Deering Harbor, Shelter Island, that night.' 19:04. Water surface. Shot is grainy, indistinct. Water craft. Illuminated ball or light on mast of one of boats. Intertitle: 'Next morning the fleet gets under way for Montauk.' Pan. of water surface with a variety of water craft. (Normal photography is now resumed.) Pan. of area tracks to right. Water surface. Various water craft. Yachts, sailboats. 20:01. Yachts. Craft resembles cabin cruiser. Trees of shoreline. Water surface. Horizon. Yacht with sails furled. Intertitle: 'Percy and I start our annual cruise.' 21:03. Woman rows boat with both oars. Intertitle: 'Sunset in Napeague Harbor.' Through horizon clouds, setting sun illuminates water surface via reflection. Intertitle: 'Fort Pond Bay, fish wharf.' Long wharf. Right-tracking pan. of water surface. Shot tracks vertically to motorboat. Toddler with thumb in mouth. Man wearing sailor hat. Both are on end of wharf very near water. 22:03. Man reels in fish that he has caught. Two women join the men. Young girl in bathing suit. Side view of wharf. People are walking about. Man places seafood into net. He casts undersize lobster on deck. Someone removes it. Woman walks on ground in wharf area. Boat begins voyage. 23:05. Its individual flag flies in bow. Silhouette of woman sitting on bow. Sun bright against horizon. Scren intertitle: 'Ashore at Napeague among the sand dunes.' Woman walks down narrow path which is almost obscured by low-lying foliage. Man with bag on shoulder walks down path. He makes summoning motion. 24:02. Expanse of beach or sand dunes. Tide is incoming. Foam. Right-tracking pan. of area. Woman walks along beach. Waves and foam approaching the shore. Woman skims rock. She flees incoming tide. Man emerges from assemblage of vertical wooden structures. They are bits and pieces of wood. 25:10. Woman walks amongst tall sand dune grass. She scurries from dune down to beach. Using stick, she retireves small bolt of cloth. She carries it on stick over her shoulder. Pan. of sand dunes. Pan. now tracks to the left. 26:02. Intertitle: 'Sterling Creek, Connecticut River.' Woman sits on wharf. Boat which resembles tug is moored so near her that she could step directly on it. Woman sits in chair. Rear shot of woman in chair. Side of boat. Water surface in motion. Low-lying foliage of opposite shore. Pan. of side of boat. Woman in chair. Side pilings of wharf. 27:01. Exterior of boat with its windows. Water surface. Boat rigging, its individual flag. Intertitle: 'Boarding Black Duck for a lunch at Selden's Cove.' Woman and two men skim along in rowboat. Water surface in motion. Two men and woman in another boat. Man at right touching steering wheel. In rowboat, woman talks, points. 28:08. Man sits at side in the other boat. Grove of trees situated among boulders. People sitting on boulders. Two women talk as man walks over boulders. Breeze wafts leaves of tree. Pan. of area. Boat moored near shore. Two men, two women in boulder area. Man and two women sit while second man stands. Man stands in rowboat. Using oar, he paddles forth in that position. Intertitle: 'Beekley, Bourne, Reynolds, H.H. and H. P. on Moby Dick.' 29:01. Two men, 20's talking. They are playing cards. Rear shot of man sitting in bow of boat as it skims forward. Man inside boat, photographed through window. The two aforementioned men playing cards. One smokes cigar. Poker chips on table. Man attaches motor to boat. Men in boat attached to the motorboat. 30:00. Yet another boat comes along. Man stands in bow. It is passenger-laden. Standing in their boat, three men observe it as it passes by. Three men standing in bow of boat. One draws in rope. Man almost loses balance trying to balance himself in canoe or motorboat. He adjusts oars lying in boat. Three men in cabin-cruiser-like boat. One gets in rowboat awaiting at bow. Another man from 'Moby Dick' joins him. Man from 'Moby Dick' hands buddy fishing rod. 31:01. Man in rowboat casts his line. Four men are now in rowboat. Using tightened rope, man starts motorboat. The men set forth. One man continues fishing. Water surface. Slight wake left by motorboat. Low-lying trees on shorelines. Man throws stick which he finds in water. 32:03. He retrieves it and the men continue their excursion. Boat turns around in the water. Man wields oar in water. Boat does complete turnabout. Man retrieves stick. Throws it back in water. 33:07. Motion of water surface increases. Men continue their motorboat excursion. Grass, shoreline foliage. Man spreads arms out. (End of Reel 24.)
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