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16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent
2) 1488.0014_VHS
3) 1488.0014_IN3/4
4) nhf-1488_0014a.mov
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 14
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Can Descriptions
Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 14. Chas. Sr. with partridge, Uncle George, Gram and Gramp at Uncle Benny's, June 23, 1935. Gram and Gramp, Papa and Mother Rawley, Uncle George and Aunt Sadie at Uncle Benny's, May 30, 1937. The Lowell Clark's, Aug. 19, 1937. Daddy, Reg, Paul Greely, Bob Preble, at Aurora, 1938. Daddy and Arthur Chandler at Jim McGinty camp 1938.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 14: Intertitles: 1935. (1) Charles, Sr. with partridge. (2) Uncle George, Gram & Gramp at Uncle Benny's . 1937. (3) Gram & Gramp, Papa & Mother Rawley, Uncle George & Aunt Sadie at Uncle Benny's. 39:04. (4) The Lowell Clarks. 1938. (5) Daddy, Reg, Paul Greely, Bob Preble at Aurora. (6) Daddy & Arthur Chandler at Jim McGinty's camp.' Boy carrying rifle emerges from car. He holds partridge which he has shot aloft. Three men standing by car. 40:01. Larger man stands by car as dog leans in car window. Boy, woman, girl in walkway near home. Woman and girl walk hand-in-hand. Girl stands on runningboard of car so that she can pat dog at car window. Boy looks on. Man wearing suspenders appears. White dog walks near man. Two men on walk area. 41:06. Girl on runningboard of car holds onto car as dog leans out of window. Man with cane, woman near car. Woman has small item in each hand. Man helps elderly woman forward. Woman walks on other side. Elderly woman sits in chair which is in yard. Man standing behind eldlerly seated woman removes his hat. 42:01. Elderly man with cane sits nest to elderly woman. Woman behind man toys with his hat. Two more women join the group; one of them large. Woman caresses elderly gent's bald head. Shot of group, two women, three men. Two more women and boy join the group. One man gently pokes fat man on chest. 43:02. Group stands about, talks. Man with cane rises. Woman joins him as he goes forward. Grove of birch trees, camp. Surface of lake, mountain sides. 44:00. Pan. of lake surface. (This part of reel is tinted a very pale blue.) Motorboat with oars near shore. Flowering bush near home. Foliage, profusely-flowered bush. Pan. of evergreen trees along side of road. There are other kinds of trees also. Some have fluffy, wispy foliage. Woman in yard. Elderly man descends steps. 45:02. Elderly woman talks. Her hands are behind her back. CU elderly man. Man and woman. Family group, two men, girl, women. Woman combs man's hair with her fingers. Man tries to catch white dog as it runs. Three women. 46:00. Elderly man in suit. Family group. Man claps hands in attempt to play with dog. Dog jumps up on man who gathers dog in his arms. Middle-aged woman helps elderly woman walk along. Elderly woman dances about as dog excitedly joins her. Track shot family group. CU woman wearing glasses. Woman has white dog in arms as man looks on. 47:00. Two men standing in road. One man removes item from coat pocket. Two other men shake hands. One of the men leaves. Woman appears. Boy and girl near car. Girl touches boy on shoulder. 48:00. Cat walks on grass. Dog races after. Cat and dog kiss. Boy by railing near building. He primes pump. Boy stands by pump. Boy on lawn near fir tree. CU boy. Boy with baseball, catcher's mitt. Throws ball. Throws it back and forth in mitt. He crouches down. 49:00. He chews gum while throwing ball back and forth in his hands. Chews gum while grasping knee. He rubs his back against pump handle. Ladies, young man emerge from house. Man enters car. He takes items from woman and places them in the car. Woman wearing cloak walks forward. Three women. Young boy and young man join the women. 50:01. Young man and woman in cloak. Older, larger woman scratches her neck. Young man and woman in cloak. Man now has camera. Boy joins man who playfully rubs boy's head. Baseball mitt in hand, boy stands by man. Man squeezes boy's shoulder. Boy now throws baseball. Boy by large woman. He grasps her by arm, leans against her arm. 51:02. Middle-aged couple by fir tree. Young man photographs this couple. Young man, woman in cloak, and older woman. Boy climbs up on car. Boy sitting on car. Middle-aged woman scratches her nose. Woman in cloak peers through window at cat lying on window sill. Cat flicks tongue back and forth. Older man talks to young man standing by car. Three women near car. 52:00. Family near car. Young man driving car away. Three women. One gestures. Another straightens her dress. Cat sitting on window sill. Woman waves stick back and forth at window while cat tries to catch it. Woman kisses young man as he emerges from car. He chaffeurs woman away as she waves. Exterior of cabin. Poster which asks question: 'Are you this sportsman?' Shows man with flashlight, club poaching deer. Large 'Beware of the Dog' sign. Sign on side of building. Its separate proclamations: 'Help', 'Girls wanted', 'Deliver all goods in the rear'. 53:03. Man pointing rifle in door of cabin. Squinting, he aims, slinks forward. He smiles. Another man standing in doorway. He wears flannel shirt, smokes cigarette. Yet another man. He sweeps with broom. Points to small sign with broom. Older man emerges from doorway. He has paint and brush. He adjusts brush for painting. He commences painting frame of doorway. Dog in snow. Man pushes dog as he sits in large snow scoop. 54:02. Dog continues his scoop ride. A block of crusty snow has been placed in scoop. Dog sits on snow block. Man continues chaffeuring dog. Dog 'sits' for treat from man. Dog takes morsel. Dog given second treat. Dog chases cat on leash. Cat jumps up on snow block. 55:01. Cat saunters about on his leash. Dog chases cat. Cat defends self with paws. Boy holds cat in arms. Man walks down ladder-like wooden steps of cabin. Man adjusts fishing rod. He unwinds tackle. Man emerges from cabin carrying tin box and blanket. 56:01. He joins man about to fish. The two men by motorboat moored on shoreline. Man unravels tackle. He tests rod. Man holds fish he caught aloft. Large man smoking cigarette, two women at steps outside of cabin. Little girl emerges dressed for fishing. Large man scratches himself. Does a little dance. Three men talking. Little girl joins them. 57:06. Large man stretches.
Amateur films, Cats, Fishing
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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