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8 mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
2) 1531.0002_VHS
3) 1531.0002_INSP3/4
[Bos--home movies] Reel 2
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circa 1944
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities. Can notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 2: [date code 1944] Dutch costume, Norwood Street. Ladies luncheon, King's place. Frances reading. Mother reading. Castine Indian Bos. Auntie [Tutor?]. Auntie Ann. Garden party at Booths. Puppies. 14 Bedell. Old dresses. Mrs. R. painting [fence?]. Train. Tammy Dixon. Pool. 14 Bedell, Christmas. Grandma. Snow at 14 [Bedell]. Mother and Mrs. R. hanging up clothes. Kind children. Archie in garden. Parade. Thanksgiving party. Christmas, 14 Bedell. Bathinette. Bubbles. Halloween costumes, Helen and Pat. Snow. Grandma and Grandpa at Montclair. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 2, 6/2/99, JS: (15:16) Girl wearing lace hat and collar descends steps of home. Group of children in Halloween costumes stand at foot of steps.Women emerge from doorway. Three walk hurriedly side by side. Little girl dressed somewhat like a maid. Girl sits on step while she reads book. Girl sits with woman as latter reads newspaper. Girl has toy house which she's unwrapped. (There is a slight flicker in these shots.) Miniature church on table in vicinity. (18:16) Girl shakes rattle in playing with dog. Women descend steps of wharf. (Black lines in shot. Aggravated film faults!) Evergreens along shoreline. Party standing on shoreline, predominantly women. Children swimming. Women scurry from shoreline into the water. Women, men and child still sit along shoreline. People in rowboat. People in pleasure boat, cruiser wave. Elderly woman and young women stand on top step of home. (21:16) People in garden. Car in garage. Women talking. Mother dog and her pups. Dog and two children in field. Children assembled around a teeter-totter which is a long tree trunk. (This shot is very dark and underexposed.) Women emerge from doorway. Woman painting fence. Train on track, locomotive emitting smoke. Toddler with slightly older boy. (24:16) Man swimming. Dog swimming. Little girl wading, walking. Girl by Christmas tree. Older woman. Girl in snowsuit pushes doll carriage. Dog joins her. Two dogs play in snow. Youngster hauls another on sled. Child climbs tree with sled resting at base. Set table, picnic party out-of-doors. Two little girls use tree limb for washline. (27:16) Girl continues to hang wash on tree. Children running, playing in yard. Juvenile marching band in street. Small group of women behind the male marching band. Woman and girl. Girl carries small purse between her teeth. Girl holds car door open as women emerge. Men at car exterior. Christmas tree. Boy and girl blow bubbles with individual pipes. (30:16) Two children on skiis. Children wearing costumes. Two of the girl wear large hair ribbons. One child has oil can atop its head. Resembles the tin man in 'Wizard of Oz.' Marches. Boy wearing cowboy hat. Raises toy pistol. (Shot is dim, overexposed. Film faults.) Youngsters building snowman. Girl wearing Girl Scout uniform.Baby chicks on ground. Intertitle: 'Bob Hooke's father and mother enjoy the holidays with Bob and the children.' Family gathered by Christmas tree. (Shot is blurry, out of focus.) Elderly woman embraces child. Elderly man smoking pipe. (End Reel 2)
Winter, Recreation
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