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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0010-.0012_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0011-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 11
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Viewing Notes
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N11 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. 11. 'Lee - Maxim Wedding.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 11: 28:55. Intertitle: 'The Lee-Maxim wedding. June 1st, 1926. Mr. John Glessner Lee. Miss Percy Maxim. 276 North Whitney Street, Hartford, Conn.' 29:03.Trees waft in gentle breeze. Intertitle: 'Hamilton and Hester, Best man and bridesmaid.' Woman with bobbed or short hair. Man with crew cut. He wears suit. They are looking at photo album. Both look up, smile at camera. Intertitle: 'Getting the garden ready.' Flower garden blooms. Pan of garden, fence. 30:01. Bushes, shrubbery. Two women, man. He is the gardener. He wipes his hands with a cloth. Foliage. Garden parasol or umbrella. Two women with parasols. Elderly woman smiles. Three men walking about in garden. Pan. of flowers in bloom. Two men tend to flowers, plants. Birdbath in center of garden. 31:01. Intertitle: 'Some of the presents.' Set of china. Vase. Drinking glasses. Goblets. Other presents, including a dollhouse. 32:02. More presents. Bowls. Serving dishes. Intertitle: 'The fateful day arrives'. Long tent roof on lawn. Tent, awning is striped. Intertitle: 'Scenes in the garden'. Garden. Table and chairs. 33:00. Two African-American men adjacent to table. Table arranged with candles, plates, cakes. Chairs, tables set up in garden for guests. Group of people dining under lawn umbrella.Overhead shot of guests as some walk about. Some talking. Some dining. Man carries two plates with cake on them. Foliage. Beautiful flowers. General scan of party. African-American man in tuxedo. Intertitle: 'Hiram Hamilton Maxim, Best Man- at the left.' Party of men. African-American man. Group of women. 34:00. Group eating cake while talking. Man gestures as he talks to women. Intertitle: 'Hamilton Eames-at extreme left-' Party of people. Woman gestures as she talks with man. Ladies eating cake as they stand and talk. Scan of trees, foliage. Large group of people. 35:12. Scan of group. Eating, talking continues. Ladies wearing long, white gloves. Left-tracking pan. of group. Group of women. Intertitle: 'Julia Hamilton and Marshall Wilson.' Shot of group. 36:03. Man looks up. Group shot from side and overhead. Intertitle: 'The bride and groom-left center-' Overhead shot scan of group. Party convened beneath lawn umbrella. Scan group, area. Man smoking cigarette. Woman touches friend on shoulder as she talks to her. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Maxim descending steps under the arch' 37:00. Mrs. Maxim descends steps as she modestly lifts her skirt. Scan of group. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Maxim joins the young couple.' Extended track shot of group. Ladies talking. Woman has large artificial flower on hat. 38:07. Woman sips beverage as she talks. Scan of group as talking, eating continues. Intertitle: 'The bride and groom'. Bride and groom talk as people congratulate them. Woman in group eats cake as she stands. Intertitle: 'Mr. Maxim taking motion pictures.' 39:01. Hiram Percy Maxim focusing home movie camera. Quick scan of group. Intertitle: 'Miss Cecil Powell, talking to the K. B. Warners.' Semibald man. Right tracking pan. of group. Intertitle: 'Miss Frances Lee, Maid of Honor.' Woman has large bouquet in her arms. Party is beginning to break up. Participants are walking forward. 40:01. Scan of group, photography a bit fuzzy. Couple ascend steps. African-American man removes dish from table. Members of party ascend steps. Intertitle: 'Hiram Hamilton Maxim,-extreme left-'. Man just described eats cake while talking with women. Intertitle: 'Hamilton Eames, and Haydie Eames Coxe.' Man and woman. Intertitle: 'Photographing the bride just before the ceremony.' 41:00. Bride smiles as she holds large bouquet. She opens her mouth wide. Shots of bride with her bouquet. She smiles minus bouquet. With bowed head, she talks. Intertitle: 'In the garden again.' 42:00. Overhead shot of members of wedding reception in the garden. African-American man serves cake on plates to guests. Guests milling, walking about, talking. Man and woman shake hands. Ladies talk as they eat cake. Group seated at table beneath lawn umbrella. Intertitle: 'Mr. Morgan Aldrich'. 43:00. Formally dressed man eating cake. Intertitle: 'Mr. John O. Enders.' Man wearing suit and tie smoking cigarette. He throws cig. away. Two women talking. One sips beverage. African-American man wearing tuxedo. Elderly couple. Two women. One looks into camera. Intertitle: 'Miss Frances Lee'. Woman with marcelled or wavy hair. Two men. People by bench under awning of reception tent. Door of car is open for women. Chauffeur enters car. 44:01. Car motors away. Two other women enter chauffeured car. Man also. Small chest or trunk is on runningboard of this car. Intertitle: 'Now watch carefully for the 'Get-away'. African-American man stands under tent awning at curb. Many cars parked on street. Intertitle: 'The bridal car. It was brought up by the Best-man.' Car, better than average. Door is hurriedly opened. Car departs rapidly. Intertitle: 'Next day, we go down to see 'Bill Hill. Mrs. Lenore Hamilton Wilson.' Late middle-aged woman. 45:00. Elderly man with white hair. He wears a hat. His coat blows in wind as he gazes over rural, well-kept landscape. Second woman is with the couple. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Clare Hamilton Eames.' Older woman. Wears scarf along with coat. Two women descend piazza steps. Intertitle: 'The two Julias, Mrs. Julia Hamilton Briscoe and Miss Julia Hamilton.' Woman in her 20's. She has bobbed hair. Middle-aged woman is with her. Elderly man with white mustache. He wears cowboy hat. Fence, wooded hillside in background. He joined by early middle-aged woman. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Clara Hamilton Eames.' White-haired elderly woman sits in chair as she lights cigarette. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Josephine Hamilton Maxim, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Leonore Hamilton Wilson, and Mr. Wilson.' 46:03. Older, buxom woman emerges from doorway of home. She enters yard, sits beside of elderly woman sewing. Older, distinguished man sits opposite the women. Third older woman sits in rustic chair at left. Buxom woman watches elderly woman sewing. C. U. of sewing woman. Older gent smoking his pipe. Intertitle: 'Judie- Miss Julia Hamilton- ' Closing door after her, woman emerges from doorway. She is in her early '20's. Has short hair. 47:02. Standing on step, she smiles. Intertitle: 'Mr. Wilson, and Mrs. Briscoe'. Older man with watch fob attached to vest. Woman beside of him has fur garment over her arm. She is middle-aged woman. This woman enters house and quickly reemerges wearing long coat with white fur trimming. She descends steps. Another woman is by flowering shrub. Intertitle: 'Hester Hone runs away with the lunch.' Woman emerges from doorway carrying wicker picnic basket. Other woman enters home. Woman with picnic basket breaks into a frenetic run. Other people standing in yard take no notice of her. Two women walk along hand-in-hand. Older couple. Hat in hand, elderly man enters home. 48:02. He grasps woman waiting inside by hand. They join arms. Younger woman now emerges from home. The three lock arms. Woman at extreme left has camera. They pause for camera shot. Two women stand by doorway. Third is barely visible in doorway. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Maxim closes the house.' Woman closes door of home. She joins two women awaiting her at foot of steps. Shot of three smiling. Intertitle: 'Last act of all. Packing her belongings for shipment.' Elderly man doing carpentry work in small shed. Woman joins him. She walks about as he saws plank. 49:02. She presses down on sheet of torn paper. Intertitle: 'Thus ends the record of the Lee-Maxim Wedding.' (End of Reel 11.)

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