5 Copies of This Film
1) 1521.0009_F16
16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
2) 1521.0009_IN3/4
3) 1521.0009_VHS
4) 1521.0005-.0009_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0009-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 9
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circa 1926 – 1929
Viewing Notes
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N9 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 9: 01:26. Intertitle: 'Member of the Amateur Cinema League Inc.' Background consists of clouds floating against sky. 'The world wide organization of amateur movie makers.' This against a rooster weather vane. White triangle with the letters, 'ACL' in the center. Sun's rays illuminate this logo. 02:03. Intertitle: 'Sometimes gentle.' Beach, ocean surface. Foam spumes on ocean surface. Foam, swelling shoreward. Waves rise, intensify. Intertitle: 'Often rough and angry.' Ocean surface. Rocky shoreline. The waves swell, waxing ominous. Foam dashing against shoreline rocks. Intertitle: 'Always moody, menacing and mysterious.' 03:06. The sun reflected in the ocean surface. Waves swell moderately. Rockbound shoreline. Waves swelling in. Intertitle: 'But beloved. The Sea.' Angry, savage ocean waves majestic with foam! 04:01. Foam breaks over rocks of shoreline. Swelling waves, buildings along shoreline. Waves foaming, breaking against rocky shoreline. Waves, foam cover the rocks. 05:04. Rocks, cliffs, shoreline protruberances. Intertitle: 'Tempersome today, smiling sweetly tomorrow.' Sailboat, rowboat, fishing dory. Man in bow of dory. Motorboat is attached to front of dory via a rope. American flag attached to motorboat. Wind propels both boats along. Man with binoculars sits in dory. 06:02. He looks at map. American flag, motorboat. Angry waves waft motorboat up and down. Ocean surface. Fishing dory. Passengers on deck of large ship peer down at smaller boat. Boat is navigated by long oars. Smaller craft draws along side larger vessel. They navigate water surface together. 07:01. Longer ship. Steamer. Tranquil ocean surface with sun reflected therein. Waves of ocean viewed from boat deck. Boat undulates. Sun as it sinks behind horizon. Ocean surface with moderate waves. Pan. of ocean surface, setting sun.Waves continue to undulate. Sky becomes clouded, darkens. Darkened screen opens to reveal sun shining on moderate ocean surface. 08:03. In the distance a boat skims ocean surface. Dark circle engulfs screen. Intertitle: 'Turning sullen, it sends the sinister fog.' Ocean surface slight befogged. Dock piles protruding in water. Fog thickens. Man approaches mast of boat. Fog so thick as to render shot almost indiscernable. Intertitle: 'Ceaselessly striving to conquer the unconquerable.' Waves dash against rocks in ocean. 09:00. Foam increases in its intensity. Vivid shot of extensive rocks with foamy waves dashing violently against them. Intertitle: 'Where it smells of ships and the sea.' Sailboats, varied watercraft in harbor. Sea gulls fly in area. Stranded boat lodged against wharf. Boathouse, buildings on wharf. Man removes fish from barrel by means of pitchfork. Intertitle: 'And it has been thus for countless ages.' 10:00. Foaming, surging waves move shoreward. They dash against the rocks. Intertitle: 'And 'twill be thus for countless ages.' Majesty, height of waves increase as they move toward land. Intertitle: 'Until the sun shall set upon that last afternoon. ' Side of boat with undulating waves. Track shot of swelling waves. 11:01. Pan. of waves continues. Sunlight illuminates the waves. The setting sun, clouds on the horizon, water surface. Waves are calmer. Logo globe with 'The End' before it. (End of Reel 9.) 6. 'The Sea (Miner). New England Surf. Bass Rocks. Gloucester Harbor.'
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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