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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 003
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circa 1949
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 3: [Weiltom?] [Polly and Harrie] leaves. Christmas. 1949. Chris and Miss Smythe. Chris bath. Birthday party. Christmas. Play. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 3: Little girl plays in fallen autumn leaves. 43:23. She rises and falls back in leaves. Toddler is also playing in leaves. Girl throws leaves forward. Woman takes toddler by hand. Dog in leaves. 44:02. Girl jumps in leaves. Woman, toddler present. Dog walks away. Woman uses broom to rake, collate fallen leaves. Toddler on floor of home. He attempts to blow out lone candle. He succeeds, but woman relights candle. Little girl watches. Both he and little girl attempt to quench candle by blowing on it. They succeed and woman relights it. Little girl moves mouth, having fun. Toddler tries to blow out candle once again. 45:02. Little girl and toddler. Toddler wears 'Flying Moose Lodge' T-shirt. Both are playing ,have small objects in their hands. They're making paper chains from construction paper. Girl holds her paper chain aloft. 46:02. Toddler wearing overalls. Girl crouched on floor. Dog joins the two. Girl, toddler enter room. Girl grasps balloons which are assembled to resemble animals. 47:02. Girl adjacent to doll. Brick wall in background. Christmas tree. Toddler and girl. Toddler smiles, points toward tree. Little girl has toy. Toddler opens present which is toy truck. Woman with infant in her arms. Little girl approaches. 48:06. Woman strokes infant under chin with feather. Little girl watches. Toddler outside. He plays outside of sandbox. Little girl plays in same. Little girl and toddler. Little girl has giant balloon. Toddler touches it, pushes on it. 49:01. Both pursue balloon as it rolls on ground. Children, family in yard. Plated birthday cake on ground. It has one candle on it. Woman holds infant as he approaches cake. Infant is almost a toddler now. Woman hands him knife. He applies knife to cake more or less just swirling the frosting. Two little girls sitting on ground. One is eating. The other is dissembling an item. 50:12. Infant on blanket. Woman removes his shirt. He smiles as she grasps him by his arms and moves them about. Now she bathes him with a washcloth. He smiles. He raises his hand. Little girl crouched at edge of lake. She scoops sand into tin can. Little boy is behind her. He dangles toy boat on string in water. 51:24. Girl runs through water. Woman, toddler wade in water. Little girl runs on shoreline. She has captured a tadpole which she holds aloft. She dangles it, wiggles it. Gives it to toddler. 52:04. Woman takes it from him. She holds it up, trying to explain about it. It leaps away. Toddler, lake surface. Little girl crouches down and secures item from water. She rescues tadpole. Woman holds toddler, little girl by hand as three run through water. 53:04. Girl runs off on her own. Group of children outside. Woman hands one child balloon. Child dangles balloon. They're assembled on steps. CU toddler. Each child has balloon. The children run about dangling their balloons. Infant sitting on a woman's lap, She dangles balloon before infant. She tickles infant under chin. Toddler with balloon. Little girl walks by. Toddler dangles balloon, wafts it back and forth. Little girl and infant. Infant smiles. Toddler sits at right. 55:04. Infant inches himself along and grasps toddler's toy. Smiling, infant looks up. Little girl enters. Infant in bathtub. He looks up. 56:03. He lies on his stomach. He grasps rubber toy. He crawls along in the water. Toddler leans over tub. 57:06. Door in house. Little girl enters.(Film has sepia tint now.) Toddler, woman enter through door. Girl points toward tricycle. Christmas tree. Infant and toddler. Woman enters. Girl opens present. Infant crawls. Toddler opens present. 58:04. Child in motion on teeter-totter. Infant watches from carriage. Field, trees in background. Little girl is teeter-totter child. Woman holds infant in center of teeter-totter. Toddler, little girl on swings. Woman gives both children a push. Children descend slide. Woman watches over them. 59:06. Children, infant descend slide on their stomachs. Woman holds onto infant. Dog enters. Girl pedals tricycle down walkway. Infant, toddler are aboard device hitched to end of tricycle. Girl, toddler wave. Woman holds infant by his arms as he walks on walkway. Woman smiles and infant smiles joyfully. CU smiling infant. Man, woman, children holding hands as they traverse walkway. Family shot. 00:05. Little girl pulls infant down pathway in wooden cart. Toddler pushes from behind. Girl, toddler wave. They pause, wave. (End of Reel 3.)
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